removal of BLE sensor support

Hi team Strava,

I'm really gutted to hear your are planning to remove BLE sensor support from your mobile apps. The alternative you mention (use another app to record your sensor data) isn't a real alternative: now I have to switch apps (during a workout!) in order to have a look at either the route or my HR. I have been a very happy paying member of your community because you serve al my needs in one integrated environment.

I will now have to either buy a head unit, or move to a different app that does help me with performance preparation, recording and reviewing in one storefront. Both options are a downgrade from my current Strava app experience but I'm afraid I don't see another option if you remove BLE sensor support. Isn't it possible to containerise BLE within the app so if users don't use it they are not bothered with the implementation of it? I btw personally have not had any crashes that I could relate to BLE sensor support.



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  • Now that you're removing Bluetooth, how should I use the features I am paying for on my iPhone?

    I can find another GPS/Heart Rate tracking app. However, I won't be using Strava how can I use Beacon? And I also won't be able to see live segments on my phone, anymore? Are there other phone apps that have Strava live segment support?


    VERY disappointed in this decision. I've got about 2 weeks until I have to renew Summit, and am strongly considering not keeping it next year.

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  • well said , its a downgrade and as we are paying this on the premium I really do not understand Strava's reasoning . Very disappointed .

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  • Strava worked perfectly for many many years over an array of Android Galaxy phones for me on a large collection of bikes with many many sensors paired.

    Then sensors became a problem about a year ago. 

    About 6 months ago, Strava stopped recording rides properly and just drew straight lines.  

    Now they claim they are dropping ALL SENSOR SUPPORT!?!?  What is the point of Strava without sensor support?  Who would even pay for "SUMMIT"???

    How is it that your product worked for years, and now you can't figure it out, so you just QUIT?


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  • This announcement just leaves a few unanswered questions really:

    1. Why does Strava, as a top Californian tech company, apparently not have the in-house capability to fix a bug in its own app?
    2. Why is Strava promoting pleas for help to competitors who are able to offer activity-recording apps that successfully hook up with Bluetooth and ANT+?
    3. How much are Polar paying Strava as commission for watch sales?
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  • You have to know that I will cancel my Summit membership over this as direct core cycling data inclusion is the only reason that I can justify having it! :(

    I should add that I have used BLE connections direct with Strava on iPhone for eight years and have never had the app crashing issue that is claimed once.

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  • Just cancelled my Summit membership.  Why would I want a completely redundant GPS to the one on my phone?  Instead of the sleek bluetooth HRM armband, I'm now supposed to wear a clunky GPS HRM watch?

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  • This news is disappointing and a feature I do use, if its unreliable why don't Strava fix it? Sounds like a cop out to me, does this mean our premium membership is now cheaper becuase we are being downgraded?

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  • This really sucks for your members. Don't just take the easy way out and turn your back on Strava members - do the right thing and FIX THE PROBLEM! As noted in one of the other comments, I use a Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor with Strava regularly and have had zero issues.

    Please reconsider your decision.

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  • If I need to use another app/computer to record my rides, then Strava is just a workout analysis tool?  I don't understand this sentence, "pairing Bluetooth heart rate monitors and power meters directly with the app is causing Strava to crash for millions of athletes — most of whom don’t even use these kinds of sensors".  If they don't use the sensor, why are they trying to pair it?

    It seems Strava made a software update that broke their Bluetooth interface..and this is their solution?  I recommend fixing the app, not discontinuing service.

    If the work around is to pair my Bluetooth heart rate strap with my Apple Watch and use the Strava watch app, I suppose that is acceptable.

    I cancelled my premium subscription.  It's an annual so it doesn't expire until Jan 2020, so we'll see how this goes.

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  • I completely agree with the comments to date. This is a ridiculous knee jerk reaction. I moved from MapMyRide some years back, not because the Strava interface was better (it wasn't), but because my friends were using Strava. Beware of the slippery slide to the bottom, Strava. Or, as mentioned, how about you just fix the bug? (Yes, i have three degrees in Computer Science!)

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  • Really? this is my main use and without it there is no use for my membership too, unfortunately i have annual membership, but if feature does not come back, will cancel it for sure


    I use it almost everyday on adroid phones and remember only once to have it crashed on years.


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  • I've used a chest strap heart rate monitor with Strava on my Android phone for thousands of miles without a single data crash or issue.

    I've cancelled my Summit subscription.   It will expire in January 2020, so Strava have three months to sort this out if they want to retain my custom.


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  • I use a ANT+ BLE heart strap via ANT+ and have never had the app crash or a problem, Removing the functionality would force me to another applciation. as i do not want to switch apps or run another device.

    The cynic in me would suggest your trying to force us to buy one of your devices by removing this function.

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  • I've switched to Sports Tracker app.  Seems to be working well for me so far.

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  • Latest advice from Strava is: “The easiest way to upload your data is to record your activities with sensor data using the Wahoo Fitness app”.

    So are Wahoo programmers better than Strava programmers then?

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  • I thought for a bit that I was misreading the announcement.  This is my 2nd year with your premium or Summit service (joined Dec 2017).  I love this app for my cycling, but had never connected a HRM.  

    You guys kept promoting how much data and assistance a HRM would benefit me.  heart power analysis etc.  I gave in and because your site sent me to Wahoo, I purchased their BT HRM.  Again, on Strava's recommendation. I have had it for 6 days. Yep, I said  6 !!! And now your telling me you won't support it and  I have to use it with someone else's app first and then send it to Stava?!? Why would I go though the trouble.  So much for having everything in one place.  I might as well just go with a service that is all inclusive for my riding data needs.  $50 blown, gone. 

    I will finish out the rest of my subscription doing the HRM upload transfer as you say, but know that chances are I will not renew this coming December.

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  • I won't be upgrading my Strava app until you add the pairing back in.  As soon as I find another app that gives me the data I want like my current Strava app does (and never crashes on me btw), I will be canceling my long time Premium membership.  I think the performance of the decision makers behind this move should be re-evaluating their ability to support their users properly.  This was a really bad decision.  Please go look at the facebook/twitter threads on this subject.  Really bad move.

    Maybe a better move would be to release a different app that does not include the BLE pairing features for users that are having trouble rather than breaking a good system for the rest of us.  Or better yet, just spend some time finding the real problem and fix your code instead of trying to take the easy way out.

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  • Same here - used strap HRM in many years without a single fault. Many members are paying for Strava, so there must be money to sort future issues regarding sensor support. If it works now, why change it ??

    It's not that BT connections is a new thing ! 

    Smells like money under the table - I'm also cancelling my Summit subscription, if this isn't changed.

    Hope they payed You well !

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  • This is utterly pathetic. Never had an issue with using my heart rate monitor and will really miss this functionality. Going to have to consider why I pay for Summit.

    Why would STRAVA shoot themselves in the foot like this?

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  • Like others I don't get this at all.  I bought a Wahoo tickr promoted by Strava and signed up for Premium (since changed to Summit) specifically to use HR and Beacon.

    I have never had a HR data loss either.

    What is my solution now?  I see no reason for Summit if I can't use HR in Strava app.

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  • Just to add a voice to this thread. This is a huge disappointment. I find the Bluetooth connected Wahoo Tickr has been an integral part of my Strava routine for years, Like others, I haven’t experienced problems with crashing in all those thousands of miles. I also view this as a core feature, and I’ve always found the combination of phone and Tickr gives better results than Strava app running on watch, which can get lost or skips HR monitoring for a while. 

    Definitely a downgrade, and if I have to move to using another app, will be likely to just move over completely. Will re-evaluate when Summit subscription comes up again. 

    Really not impressed. 

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  • Lots of people have already very clearly voiced my exact feelings and astonishment at the ridiculously bad way Strava are dealing with a mere software bug. I also have had no crashes using my Wahoo tickr. I think Strava is excellent at the moment but this change will ruin it for me. There will be no point paying for summit, and will therefore lose many features I use. I can't afford a garmin or smart watch. I will be very sorry to lose Strava and my following friends but really, it will become useless to me. PLEASE don't do it!

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  • That’s terrible news for me, I rely on direct sync of HR from strap to phone app when running.
    The link you provided in your announcement email doesn’t mention apps I can use to solve the problem either.
    Blaming the reduction in service on ‘issues to other users’ is also a bad call. Fix the software, not remove the function.
    I’ve been premium for years to support you guys but this is a turn for the worse. Like others, I think I'll review that decision now.
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  • Another disappointed Summit user here. I have happily been using the Strava App on iOS with a HRM and Cadence monitor with zero issues for a long time. My main usage of Strava is the HRM functions and data - and now Strava is telling us to use yet another app for this?

    How are users supposed to use the live data if they need to switch to another app to record sensor data?

    The reasons given for dropping the support are frankly ludicrous - if there is a bug just fix it. All the other apps and devices you suggest using can get it to work - and I guess its not the actual reason you are dropping the feature.

    However I know I am wasting breath here. I can see from other requests (private goals anyone) that Strava does not listen to its paying customers. I'll be cancelling my Summit subscription if this decision is not reversed. This is a shame as the Summit features are pretty good.





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  • There is no reason for this other than it being a strategic decision. Bluetooth portion of the code can be containerised and error handled properly to eliminate crashes of the app. I will most likely cancel summit and use Strava for social posting only.

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  • (I share the sentiment of other posters with a technology background -- just fix the bug.)

    This takes away a primary reason I pay for Summit, and was messaged obnoxiously ("clearly no one uses this feature, you're an outlier").

    I've cancelled my Summit membership and duplicated my data to RWGPS which I've been using for routes for some time.

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  • I predict:

    • An internal meeting where Biff says "it's just small, vocal, meaningless group of users - and this change will yield substantial gains from partner co-sponsorship".
    • No meaningful response from Strava in the forums 
    • Continuation with the plan to drop direct bluetooth HRM support.
    • Bonuses


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  • Also another paid Strava subscriber here.  Ugh, my entire workout system too is hinged on a bluetooth HR sensor strapped to my arm.  The current system works great for me.  I'd hate to have to find another app but this is really going to handicap my setup.  Replacing my $30 sensor with a $300 watch is a pretty silly solution.  I paid for an annual subscription and it's not right that such a major supported item can get pulled midway.  I wonder, can we get refunds for the remainder of our subscriptions?

    And to think, I was enjoying Strava so much that I was planning on buying subscriptions for some friends for Christmas this year.  On the other hand it may be fun to set new times on all my routes by switching to a completely new app.

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  • Just want to add another voice to this thread in the hope that Strava will reconsider keeping bluetooth sensors. Its the only reason why I am paying for Strava because it allows me tracking and analysis all in one app! If I have to switch another app to track my activity with heart rate then I would switch to that app completely. 

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  • Another disappointed user who will be cancelling my subscription unless this gets fixed soon.

    The primary features I'm paying for are Beacon & live segments, both in the Strava app, so telling me to use a different app is essentially taking away all of the paid features I care about.

    I'll also be looking for a different site to transfer my data to.

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