Filter Activity Feed by Date (Year or (Year and Month)), Activity, Tag

I would love to be able to find/retrieve my activities from specific time frames to review or share details from trips/vacations.

Currently, users can only retrieve their activities by scrolling back through time which can be incredibly tedious (I swim several times/week) or even impossible (I found I was not able to scroll back past a certain point in the Android app). If I could specify the Year of the activities I'm looking for I'd have less to scroll through. If I had Year and Month, then I would have even less to scroll through.

If I could add Activity, then I could also focus further on Bike or Hike Trips.

If I could create Trip tags and add those tags to Activities, then perhaps you could allow searching by Tag so I can see the activities all tagged for a Trip like "Vermont Fall 2019". Or even find a specific activity like "BTCNJ Rally 2017".

Thanks for your consideration and I hope others feel these features would also make sense.



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