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  • Robert Mountjoy Can you please submit a ticket to our support team so we can assist?

    Christopher H. While it isn't possible to prevent your followers from favoriting you, you can see who has chosen to do so via the mobile app. Navigate to your profile > Click on "Followers" > at the top, you'll see who has favorited you. 

    Annella C you can see what information is always public by visiting this help center article:

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  • Can you please stop giving me the "Welcome to Flyby" notice EVERY time I check flyby? I would not even have the link to flyby on my activity if I hadn't already read that stuff and purposefully went in my settings to re-enable flyby. Now I have to see that redundant notice just to check and see that yes, flyby is still mostly useless.

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  • Jojo, thank you for replying. I know I can see who favorited me. I don't have a problem with that so much. I just don't want automatic notifications going out to people when I finish an activity and think that Strava should give control over that to the athlete whose activity it is, not their followers. If Strava is concerned about our privacy, I hope you guys will reconsider how the Favorite function works. Otherwise, I'm going to start blocking people I don't really want to have to block.

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  • Please increase the largest radius option on privacy zones. In a city, a 5/8 mile radius (the current max radius) covers hundreds or thousands of households, but in rural areas, a 5/8 mile radius may only include one or two houses.

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  • Would be great advanced feature if its possible to set small training sessions as default private. Don't want to share a 2km ride... Ideally be able to set a distance per exercise type. Ie runs shorter than X and rides shorter than Y. It's a little complicated, but would be really cool.

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