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  • Privacy settings upgrade - to fully block someone (especially visible comments).

    Strava is becoming the Facebook of many athletes, where we learn to know a close knitted community of a specific sport. However, like any other group, disagreements or other situations might push someone to "unfollow" and "block" an athlete. But this is not enough. You can still see all the comments of that athlete on the wall of your friends. 

    I wish Strava could do like Facebook, where when you block someone, they litarelly dissapear from the interface. No possibility of being tagged, no messages, nothing! Gone!

    Thank you for considering it,


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  • My wife and I both use an iPhone to send and receive beacon texts. Suddenly my wife's iPhone will not open the beacon text which I send when going out for a ride as it reports my phone number as junk. I've tried all manner of  ways to rectify this all to no avail. Can anyone help or suggest a remedy please as it's a brilliant service and one which is invaluable to us when using Strava and out on my bike.


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  • Hi douglas scarr I've gone ahead and created a support ticket so we can better investigate this issue you're experiencing with Beacon.

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