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  • I enjoyed a ride to Plymstock Devon UK today and was delighted to find I had a few PRs on Strava Segments upon return. Alas one of these segments had been given a very offensive name. I don't really want this attached to my profile or stats.

    I could maybe delete this segement on my record but it may show up when I next ride it and also others who may also be offended. Can Strava change or get the name changed please.

    I am going to leave it on my profile for the next few days so that any moderators can see it.


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  • GPX download control

    It would be good to have a way to control who can download your gpx by blocking the gpx download button for all your activities or even better for each particular activity.

    Right now to avoid somebody to download your gpx you have to hide the ride from everybody. However I have no problem with my followers knowing in which area I rode, but that doesn't mean I want them to be able to download the gpx and get all the details of my ride: lines, entrance and exit points, etc. Sometimes these info is personal and I don't want all of my followers to have access to it.

    Thanks for considering this idea and thanks for a great app!

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  • m:  This bugs the heck out of me as well.  If I share my activity on facebook most of my facebook friends (due to not being on strava) can't see much of my stats.  I fully agree with Jan.  If they activity is flagged as "everyone" then it should be EVERYONE.  Not just Strava members because Strava wants more users.

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