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  • I really like Strava and everything is offering but I think you can improve the stats section.

    I practice a lot of sports, like cross countr ski, alpine ski, hike, running, cycling, gym and others and is impossible to have a clear vision of the weekly or monthly activity I do divided per type of sport.

    In the weekly bar chart I'd like to see a total including all the sports I do and the possibility to choose also sport different from running, cycling and swimming. A smart idea could be do the bar chart with different colors for different sports, like you can see in the pictures I attach (from Endomondo).



    Do you think is possible to add this feature?

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  • Ref:

    Hi Valerio - I was actually looking for the same thing which let me to write my own light-weight app that connects via Strava API. I am using duration/time on the y-axis as that compares better than distance for different sports. You can try here:

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this link but since it solves your problem, and maybe for others, I will give it a try :-)

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  • Please make the circles in the training log larger based on distance or time and not number of activities.

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  • Hi all, my running cadence vs distance graph on Strava fluctuate a lot like seesaw graph (refer photo below), my average running cadence is 193rpm, low is 175, high is 196.  

    Only a handful time my running cadence appears straight line on Strava graph.  


    The cadence graph on COROS app appears straight line as picture below.

    What's the possible issue on the Strava's cadence vs time/distance graph ? 

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  • Stryd power!!

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  • Am I the ONLY one who uses "PACE" as an indicator of performance?

    In previous fitness software, I had a customizable, table list view, of ALL my runs with one column (of many) showing "PACE".

    This allowed me to EASILY compare, at a glance, my performance to ALL my previous runs.

    I can't find a similar "screen" on Strava.

    Is this a "weird" request????

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  • App Feature Request - 

    I would like the ability to add/retire gear (such as running shoes) on the app as opposed to having to log into the website separately.  This would save time, and make the app more user-friendly.

    Thank you.

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