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  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    This forum is actually intended to discuss auto-pause functionality only. If you're having problems while recording with auto-pause turned off, then please submit a support ticket so we can properl...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Brian: It sounds like you're recording a Ride, but have the activity type set to Run. So the app is using the run auto-pause detection settings which won't work during a ride and will cause consta...

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    Actualizar mis logros

    La herramienta Actualizar mis logros puede regenerar sus logros para cualquier actividad si no aparecen o son incorrectos.* Hay varias razones por las que quizás desee actualizar sus logros. Actual...

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  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Dane: We've actually been working very close with any athlete that submits a support ticket so that we can uncover any and all issues with Auto-Pause. Additionally, we've been doing some basic inv...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Peter: Sorry for the trouble. I'm not sure what happened, but because I don't see any record of that 10 second activity in your account I have no idea what caused the app to pause and not resume. ...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Jennifer and @Xavier: Sorry if this wasn't clear but as I mentioned in previous comments, the issue with the app stopping recording when taking pictures is not an issue with the Strava app but rat...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Saso: I'm not sure why but your device is giving us some strange speed data. Essentially, according to your device, you're always moving and never stopped. Although your GPS data does indicate bei...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Xavier: This doesn't sound like an auto-pause issue. The ability to have a locked screen after you start recording sounds like a feature request for the recording experience. I would recommend sea...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Lewis: Yes. This is separate from auto-pause. Essentially this is a limitation of the iOS. When using some other apps, especially taking photos but also sometimes Safari and others, the OS can ter...

  • Travis hizo un comentario,

    @Lewis: Sorry to hear about the lost data. It appears that the app stopped receiving GPS updates at the point your data stopped being recorded. It also appears you were stopped for some time at tha...