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  • Nedim Celik hizo un comentario,

    Hey Wim, it really defeats many purposes to do this for segments one did. If I did it, I know where I am going. I think the original request was for any segment, including, and especially the ones ...

  • Nedim Celik hizo un comentario,

    Requested in 2014, completely makes sense, yet strava COMPLETELY F*ING IGNORES IT.   Do you guys add any, ANY,  *ANY AT ALL*  new features for athletes or is it just about becoming the next faceboo...

  • Nedim Celik creó una publicación,

    New goals tabs, done the wrong way

    I am tracking running and biking. With the way you have split the goals, I now have to click through tabs to see where I am for the week.  I understand that you wanted to clean up the page. Instead...

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  • Nedim Celik hizo un comentario,

    I see no reason and have no understanding on why Strava would not enable this.

  • Nedim Celik hizo un comentario,

    Elle, that is great thank you! Two comments: It would be really useful if the mileage counts were accurate -- my gear page shows 103 miles, mobile app 129 and my last run 133 on the same pair of sh...