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  • Brennan Bakke hizo un comentario,

    Strava keeps getting worse; they made another recent update to the run interface to remove the "grade" data as well.  It used to be you could mouse over any point on the route and see how steep it ...

  • Brennan Bakke hizo un comentario,

    The performance issues are not platform specific.  Look at a long run in chrome and use the "developer tools" to look at how much it is loading (gzip, meh..) and how slow; chrome shows you the load...

  • Brennan Bakke hizo un comentario,

    " Total Elevation Gain for the Run: These stats, currently missing from the stats matrix, will return Friday, April 12th and will be located in the box in the upper right of the Activity page. "   ...

  • Brennan Bakke hizo un comentario,

    Strava also got rid of all elevation data, the main data I am interested in.  There is no longer total elevation gained or elevation per mile.  Strava literally just crippled itself with this one. ...