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Any plans to update the heat map to include 2016 data to compare with 2015 and 2014? My city has added a number of new bike lanes and I would like to use this to show the impact of improved infrastructure.



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    The updated heatmap is out. See our blog or view the global heatmap

    The heatmap is not yet available in the Strava Routebuilder but we hope it will be soon. 

    **Correction: the new global heatmap is available in the Routebuilder now. 

  • And I need the 2016 heat map to improve OpenStreetMap.


    From what I know the heat map was something from Paul Mach.

    But as he left the company, I don't know if someone will care.

  • Would be great to get an 2016 update!

    It's a useful "appetizer" for strava metro and shows the increased usage of bicycle infrastructure. Additionally, it visualizes how many people are using strava. For me personally, I like to use the heatmap to identify popular routes and tracks. The 2015 data are not up-to-date anymore, e.g. two heavily used bridges in 2015 are not available anymore in my area.

  • It will be great.

  • 2nd the request for an updated globa heatmap! Helps keep you on heavily cycled routes when traveling for business. Please help cyclists stay safe!

  • As a runner, I would like to see an updated 2016 heatmap. It helps me understand the infrastructure in my neighborhood and uncover hidden gems. I found one of my favorite routes using the 2014/2015 heatmap that I would have otherwise overlooked.

  • Another request for the 2016 heatmap data.

  • Another request for the 2016 Heat Map. Thanks!

  • Strava here is another request for the 2016 heat map, please and thanks! 

  • Here's another request for a 2016 heat map update, pretty please. 

  • Please update this feature. It's extremely important for planing bike trips and mapping in OSM.

  • I am also looking for the 2016 update to the heatmap. Any chance of this happening?

  • The heat maps help us see how improvements in infrastructure result in more usage and new routes. It's a huge benefit to the community. 

  • Rumor has it they are starting to charge for the heat map. This may explain the lack of response.

    If so, it's a sad day for open mapping.

  • Sorry to keep you all waiting! We have spoken to the Metro team about a 2016 heatmap. The only thing holding us back is resources. We don't have the resources available right now to make a 2016 version happen - the code for the comparison tool needs some additional development work to support 2016 as well as compiling the heatmap data for 2016. Keep leaving your comments and we hope to consider this project as soon as our bandwidth allows. 

  • 2016 data would be bananas.


  • Isn't 2016 data being used in the Clusterer Tool? Based on that, it seems like the data needed as already been aggregated?

  • I would guess someone needs to add the capability to see 2014 v 2015 v 2016 and put it on the layer, I'd be happy with 2016 v 2014.



  • Please add the 2016 data before we're halfway through 2017!

  • Please update!!! Extremely useful for route planning.

  • Another vote for 2016 data. Metro is a great resource for traveling to the cities already listed there. But I get sent on business trips all over - and rarely if ever to cities that even warrant an online article as to where people run.

    And so I'm stuck just guessing at it - or worse, sticking to the hotel treadmill...

  • Strava heat maps have been important in years past for local mountain bikers to show land owners the usage on the land.  Please consider the positive impact this has on communications with local, state, and federal land managers.

  •  Heatmap is a good advertisement for strava. I'm from Russia. We created a group for our city and advertised to use strava because our city was not visible on Heatmap. Now there are 700 people in our group. And we are very much looking forward to the update of 2016, we all tried very hard to make our city visible on this map. Please make an update for last year !!!
    Our group

  • Yes - Would really like to see an updated version.

  • The heatmap information is so valuable - it's like magic! Please keep it updated with current data! It is like a community-created crowdsourced map. It is amazing to me that Strava hasn't integrated it more fully into the app and website. When I travel, the heatmap allows me to easily find the best routes to ride, and it allows me to plan routes locally too. Please don't let this quietly fade away -- please keep updating the data, and promote the heatmap more in your app and website.

    For example, it would be awesome to someday be on a mountain bike ride and just be able to look at an intersection in the trail in realtime and "see" the heatmap with my position overlaid onto it, letting me choose to stay on the Main Line, or choose the Path Less Travelled. Now THAT would be a feature I'd upgrade to premium to get.


  • Comparison tool is not important for me and comparison can be done manually just using two browser windows, so please focus just on the heatmap data so we can use it in Route Builder.

  • There're many neighborhoods in my area that connect with short pedestrian paths and most people don't know they're there, but your heatmaps clearly show them. Most pedestrian paths provide a much needed route around dangerous motor vehicle intersections. Please update for safety sake. 

  • I just received an email from Strava saying proudly that there are now 1 billion activities loaded by users.

    Now please give us (partly) our data back by updating 2016 heatmap.

    (I know, I've read Elle's post about limited resources).

  • As a local cycling advocacy group, we use Strava's heat maps all the time to "explain" to our 8 local municipalities, their existing cycling networks and to seek improvements. One local municipality was so impressed with Strava Heat Maps, then purchased your Metro Data. As others have mentioned, as the data gets older, it soon becomes less valuable or reliable. So you got many votes from the 2000 people in our cycling advocacy group, many who are Strava premium user and contributors!  I love what Mike Stafford above said "It is like a community-created crowd sourced map".  I also use it to do route planning on cycling trips to other places around the world.

  • The heatmap is a great resource for learning new routes - mapping tools don't understand what makes for a good or bad riding experience, so seeing what routes other riders take is really useful for learning.

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