2016 Heatmap comparison

Any plans to update the heat map to include 2016 data to compare with 2015 and 2014? My city has added a number of new bike lanes and I would like to use this to show the impact of improved infrastructure.



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  • One more request for the updated heatmaps.  My sister is moving to a new city and i am making a move as well.  Updated data would be helpful for both of us to plan our rides and runs.

  • Please update the heatmap. I find it very usefull in finding new routes to explore.

  • I pledge to upgrade my account to "premium" for at least a year if you update the heat maps.

  • The goodwill generated by keeping this information up to date is huge.  I used to talk about it all the time to people, however, now that it is out of date it has become less and less relevant as time passes without updates.  From a safety perspective alone, this is a whorthwhile endeavour.  

  • One more request here! Please update the heatmap

  • Another raised hand for an updated global heatmap. 2015 is getting too outdated.

  • Cycling has grown a lot in Malta, we're seeing a slow gradual increase in cyclists. The Strava heatmaps even proves it when comparing 2014 to 2015. A 2016 comparison would give much more updated information as to how much cycling has again increased and what routes cyclist take, so that our lazy authorities might start making these Strava heatmapped routes safer.

  • Pretty Please!

  • Developer turnover must be taking quite the toll on the company if they don't have the in house talent to knock this out in a few days.

  • Please update the heat map!

  • Please, Heatmap 2016 !!

  • Same request for me. And let's allready ask for the 2017 heatmap. Maybe a better request is a function that accepts activity x to y as input argument and just does the crunching. That way, generating any year would be as simple as pushing a button.

  • Come one, guys. Just update the map. You're making money with our data, so give us back some of the benefits. You will see that this investment will generate only more resources.

  • One more vote for an updated map. I live in an area that's growing rapidly, and with that growth trails are following. Many areas around me are significantly out of date even from 6 months ago, let alone 1.5 years. This is a super awesome feature that I and many others use regularly.

  • Please add 2016 heeatmap.  I found strava from the prior heat map.  Without this, I would have never started using Strava.  I think this is a great advertising "grab" for your service. 

  • Yes, please update the heat map.

  • Yes, please update the heat map with new data!

  • Please update the heat map, it's fantastic to find running and cycling routes.

  • I would love to help get your 2016 heat map code for comparison and compilation updated.  By help I mean I will do this for free or if you need you can upgrade my membership, but the bottom line is I would love to help contribute to this valuable project.

  • The heatmap is great for discovering new routes and trails, please update the data

  • This is getting ridiculous. You might as well now leave out the 2016 heatmap and wait just a few months till next January to update it with the 2017 one. In Malta we want to show and prove to the authorities that cycling is growing, and we want to show them comparisons of the heatmap year after year. The only comparison 2014 vs 2015 is now too outdated. Here in this little island we keep building new roads and flyovers for cars and cycling keeps getting ignored and actually we keep losing popular routes because of new one-way systems popping up everywhere without even implementing contraflows..

  • Another request for updated heat map. I'm training for a charity ride later this summer and have been using the Heat Map to plan longer training rides. Also, as a local bike advocate I'd like to use it to show elected officials the current state of our infrastructure (and opportunities to improve it!). Thanks!

  • FWIW, this is the sort of thing pushing me more and more to Garmin Connect as my central hub, rather than Strava.  Garmin Connect already has the global heatmap available, at whatever point in time you look at it.

    So, I've been starting to show officials I'm working with both, but relying more on Garmin's data when they want newer data.

  • Thanks for the info Corey.  Heading over there now.  Had pretty much been ignoring Garmin Connect until I read your comment.  Good to know there is a more up to date source.  Awesome!

  • Thanks for the info Corey.  Heading over there now.  Had pretty much been ignoring Garmin Connect until I read your comment.  Good to know there is a more up to date source.  Awesome!

    ***Edit:  The Garmin information seems to be good for major urban centres in the US.  Disappointing.

  • Another request for the heatmap. More than halfway through 2017 and we can't have 2016 data?

  • One more request! I would dare to say the heatmap is among the top 3 of the most groundbreaking of all Strava features (the first one is of course Activity Playback ;o). Please don't let it die!

  • Hi guys,

    Check this out:

    Heatmap of Berlin only but much better and up to date. Give him lots of kudos and share as much as possible. Maybe an investment angel sees it and can help him upscale to the whole world.

  • @Wesley Ooms

    Excellent link.

  • Thank you, @Wesley Ooms, for sharing my blog post!

    I'm looking to adding more cities to Activities Map. Feel free to vote for your's Also, if you submit a form I will notify you once your city will be added.

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