New Strava app for Apple Watch to support Series 2+

We are excited to release an updated Strava app which supports standalone recording using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2+. 

Please note: To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2+, we redesigned the app to work separately from the phone. Even if your watch still connects to the GPS from your phone, the app functions independently on the watch.

If you're experiencing technical troubles installing, recording, or syncing Apple Watch activities, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this post. 

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  • I'm just adding my voice to the calls to being back tethering of iPhone and Apple Watch 2. Some of us rely on our phones for music and audio cues while exercising, and now the watch provides zero data from the phone while running. Having to start a SEPARATE activity on the Apple Watch just so you have some idea of how you're doing is a terrible user experience.

    A quick look shows Runkeeper has the option now to run Apple Watch app on its own, or tethered to the iPhone, so please confirm this is on the way - as a Premium user I don't want to have to migrate away from Strava - but right now it just doesn't work for me (and many others apparently).  It can be done, and SHOULD be done.

  • I have been using the strava app on apple watch 2 for a couple weeks now, and had my first issue today.  I opened the app on my watch, and repeatedly tried to press the start button to no avail.  This is the first time Ive ever had issues with the strava app not starting.  Im really not sure what the issue was.  I never had to open my phone, or even have my phone with me before.

  • I just downloaded the new update which was supposed to improve the distance recording. It made mine worse. Today I completed an 8 mile run, while Strava on my Apple Watch Series 1 recorded an extra half mile, 8.5 total. I had not previously experienced a problem with the distance recording until the update on 3/21. It is clear that it recorded extra distance because the distance on segments I ran today are longer than the segments. Please find a way to fix this. Strava was a great app, it has many great features, but none of that matters if the basics can't be relied upon properly.

  • Disappointed with the standalone App for AW1. My first ride with it half the ride did not record.

    I used to start my activity on my AW1 and then pause on my phone (on handlebars) send a Beacon text to my wife and then restart my activity with my watch.

    This is the main reason I am a premium member. I am more patient than others, I will give it till the end of April and if this is not fixed then I will cancel Strava Premium.

    Please make my AW1 mirror my iPhone like it was before.


  • All of you whom have had trouble with the start button not performing its action, I had to load the app on the phone and re-allow it to access HealthKit data. That put it back in working order.

  • I just ran 6.7km with the updated version of March 21st with my Apple Watch series 2. I do feel the reported speed during the run is more accurate and stable, so I'm very happy about that. I am however . I did however see the first split (1st kilometer) was not correctly displayed in the iPhone app (3:47 with the rest around 4:51). It is correct however on the website. The summary on my watch at the end of the run said 33:xx (forgot what it said exactly and I can't bring it back), and in the iPhone app/website it reports 31:35 and it leaves out the first 200 meters of the run (total distance 6.5 km, but if you add up the splits it sums up to 6.7 km. I've run this route many times with Strava on iPhone and it always reported 6.7 km)

    So, good update for me, but still some glitches to work out. 

    I definitely like to have the audio split feedback back in.

  • I am happy to see what you are working on, but a little suprised to not see vibration every km/mile on that list. I think that is much more important than the audio voice, because audiovoice only work for those who run with earplugs. 

    Are you working on getting the vibration every km /mile with a summary to work aswell?

  • The New update that was released a few days ago works perfect for me, significant improvement. Keep up the work, I love my AW2 and am now so happy that strava is working on it properly. thanks


  • Also people moaning about the AW1 disconnect you are all running with your phone anyway, I dont see the big deal about having to use the phone app?

    The app is now doing distance and pace very accurately for AW 2 which is fantastic. 

  • Now you don't get any Distance or Segment updates through your headphones!

    All you can do is run a reduced function on the watch. Or use your phone and get no HR monitoring or accessible data on your wrist!

    This is stupid. They've trashed the best feature! Ruined the functionality of the product completely. Cancelling my premium subscription and will try something else.

  • Still doesn't work. Stuck on the start button not happy 😥

  • Since the latest update the app no longer works for me. Pressing the big orange start button doesn't work. Changing any of the other available settings doesn't make any difference.
    Interested to hear if this is the same for others?
    As things stand the app is totally unusable for me.

  • I haven't yet identified the root cause of this issue, but splits on my Apple Watch are FUBAR.  Just not correct at all - splits are 3-4 minutes off from my iPhone recording.  Look at my activity feed for 3/23/17 - AWS2 shorted me 3/10ths of a mile on a 5k run vs. my iPhone. 

    The screen refresh is quite laggy too.  I lift my watch and screen wakes, but for several seconds, Strava is grayed out like it's auto paused.  A bit awkward to run and hold my arm up for 5-10 seconds for my pace and heart rate to refresh.

    For rides, I can't pair external cadence sensors to Strava for AW.  So I'm forced to track either my cadence data via Strava for iPhone and sacrifice heart rate data from my watch, or record on watch which will utilize heart rate data, but not cadence. 

    This essentially kills the added value for my Premium subscription and makes me question the justification and my reasoning on paying for a premium subscription.

    I would be much appreciate the option to tether to my phone.

  • I am also terribly disappointed with the Apple Watch app.  I get mystery pauses and lose often large portions of my activities.  I want to just use the old style tethered version and have it gather heart rate data from the watch.  All the rest appears to be feechurs in desperate search of actual user requirements. 

  • Since the last update, the start button no longer works.

  • Tried to run last night with Strava App on Apple Watch and the new update has broke the app....cannot start the app from red button.  Please fix!


  • Accuracy still seems off. I'm getting less in total distance than the sum of splits.

    Also, would really like to see:
    1. Swim tracking capability for Apple Watch Strava.
    2. Indoor run (turn off GPS)
    3. Indoor cycle

  • The last update is significantly underestimating my mileage. I was always spot on with all my Garmin buddies. Now I on an 8 mile run I am almost .4 short. Not good.

  • Have tried the app twice since the most recent update and am happy to say the accuracy compared to my Garmin 620 has definitely improved. This mornings run of 15.4 km was within 30 m of my Garmin and yesterday's of 4.1 km was within 150 m of my Garmin, still not perfect however far better than initial recordings. Uploading to strava also worked fine without losing the data unlike earlier versions. Am starting to gain confidence in app once again! Keep up the good work. 

  • Like many above with the latest update the begin run button stopped working, that seems to have sorted itself after accepting something on my phone, but now my run lost a significant portion and underestimated pretty badly as per many comments above. I really want to keep using strava as i love your features. Hoping you sort out these issues asap.

  • For all those struggling with getting the app to work - try deleting the app from your phone and reinstalling it. Doing this prompts alerts on your phone that you have to accept such as allowing Strava to access your location and Health data. I had an issue with it being stuck on the red button screen and my heart rate not recording. This fixed both.

  • Since the update (mine updated on March 22) the Start button on the Apple Watch does nothing. I've uninstalled, re-installed several times. I even made sure the app on the phone was working (it was). No matter what I do, the Start button on the watch is "broken"

  • Is Strava working on allowing us to open the Strava app from directly off the apple watch home screen?  As of now, I need to go to my watch apps and open from there.  It would be great to access from the home screen.

  • I am also experiencing the issue with the new update.  I can view the settings screen and change activity type or auto pause so it isn't the AW2.  When I push the big orange start button it doesn't do anything.  Tried the tip above and deleted the app and reinstalled.  The app works on the phone (obviously without HR from the watch).  This is very frustrating, are there other good AW2 apps that I can use while this is fixed as the native AW2 app is bad at calcuating calorie burn in my experience.

  • Just completed a half marathon with apple watch 2. Didn't run with phone. Time on watch at finish was 3hr 7min ~30sec. When it synced with iPhone, time was shown as 2hr 55min 16sec. Offical time was 3hr 7min 38 sec.

  • distance measurement is now much improved. great work Strava team.

  • Andrew Kreps - I have tried that fix but unfortunately it does not work for me. I have also removed the app, redownloaded from the App Store and reconnected to health. But I just can't get passed the big orange start button!!

    The other workarounds I currently have are
    - use the Apple app, but unfortunately this can't be exported to strava
    - use runkeeper and sync using tapiriik, unfortunately this method has massive discrepancies ( strava normally has less time and my splits are way off, making me look faster than I am!!)

  • The latest Strava Apple Watch (Series 2) lost my 35 minute trail run yesterday. Everything appeared to be OK on the watch. My iPhone was attached to my upper arm the whole time. At the end of my run, I saw the summary page on Watch with my mileage and pressed "Save". No errors and no signs of the run in my activity feed after that. Fortunately, my heart rate readings were successfully recorded in Health app. I did a few test runs after that and they were recorded. Any suggestions on how to prevent data loss?

    I always take my my phone on rides and runs, so I prefer the AWS2 to just be a remote display for the phone app.

  • Just downloaded Strava to Apple Watch 2. Opened the app but pressing the big orange start button does nothing. What am I missing?

  • Thanks for the update. I understand that you de-tethered the AW and App, but it's a bit unilateral to say 'tough that is how it is' . Runkeeper allows you to select 'watch only' or 'watch + phone'. Please, please work on the same kind of solution for strava rather than just saying 'no, get over it'

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