New Strava app for Apple Watch to support Series 2+

We are excited to release an updated Strava app which supports standalone recording using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2+. 

Please note: To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2+, we redesigned the app to work separately from the phone. Even if your watch still connects to the GPS from your phone, the app functions independently on the watch.

If you're experiencing technical troubles installing, recording, or syncing Apple Watch activities, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this post. 

Learn more in our Apple Watch article



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  • Really struggle in the humidity and heat with the touch screen to pause a run...sweaty fingers just don't work (and my clothes are totally soaked in sweat so I can't dry my watch face or finger!).

    Why can't the buttons be used in some way to pause/resume a workout?  

    The built in app (and I've read other apps) do this by a combination of pressing both at the same time.

  • Noteworthy updates:

    In the last few months, the team has been chipping away at some Apple Watch updates. Here's what's new: 

         - Accelerometer-based distance recognized as the activity's total distance, alleviating some issues caused by GPS-based distance. 

         - An Apple Watch complication. 

         - Split notifications: a notification on your watch with split pace and overall split pace (audio notifications in progress).

         - Updated summary after finishing an activity as well as viewing your activity history.

         - A discard option from the watch app.

    New screenshots and more info can be found in our article on the Apple Watch app.


  • Since the accelerometer update my Strava app on watch seems to mess with the data on sync to the phone. Distance and time are recorded correctly when I finish the run (per reading on watch app). Sync to phone and anything between 0.1 and 1.0 mile has been chopped off the start of the run. Don't know what's going on.

  • I started a ticket for you Gordon.

  • I must admit I am a little dispointed with this app. Particularly due to this "To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2, we redesigned the recording experience to work separately from the phone. This meant that we could no longer support the way the phone app and the watch app previously connected."

    I have been using Nike Running Club until recently and that has the functionality to start/stop/pause activity from phone or watch and current stats are synchronised between the devices. This app will work indepenently of the phone and vice versa but when the devices are in proximity they are in sync.

    Why can Strava not do this?


  • James L.: Strava didn't remove audio cues, they simply didn't implement them yet.
    Once again: The "update" to a standalone Apple Watch 2-app is NOT simply an update. It's a complete new App.
    The whole software is now loaded on the Apple Watch. It works without your phone. The old AW-app we all want back was only a "mirror" of the main app running on your phone.
    The audio-files were stored on your phone. If you want audio-cues for the new app, Strava has to load them on your watch. As I know only Nike did it yet and only English spoken files.

  • Hi Salvi, Nike do this???
    I didn't know
    There's other app do it, motifit but also it only english

  • Hi Salvi;

    That kind of makes sense, in terms of the odd way they have approached it.

    I am using a AW series 1, so the watch is already streaming GPS data from the phone, why the app couldn't be running on the phone feeding audio updates is beyond me. 

    I don't understand why the app could not have been programmed to only utilise the AW2 GPS when there is no phone present?  I am sure people would have understood the lack of audio cues in this scenario only (though, as you say, they can be provided as part of the AW binary).

  • Regarding Split notifications, what about making them more reliable? I'm using my watch in silent mode and it seems that the notifications are only visible if I Happen to look at my watch at the time of the notification but I can't "feel" them through haptic signal?!

    The colour scheme used for notifications is Not the best, Black on white or white on Black would be better to read.

  • greetings,
    i also work build customer facing software, and have ruined user experiences before. unfortunately, i feel that strava has done that, and the app is no longer amazing. here are the reasons why i am no longer excited to open up my strava app because :
    - when recording, it's too easy to slip over into Settings. in fact, it's happened to me every time i've started a run. i cannot imagine that one would use settings so frequently that this feature would need to be on the apple watch.
    - the force touch option to end an exercise disappeared. now it's only "switch sports". now the only way to end is to swipe, and then end the exercise. this is super inconvenient when your fingers are wet, and swiping doesn't work well.
    - at the end of any run, the stat i am most interested in is my miles per minute. that now disappeared.
    - when starting an exercise, it used to immediately auto-pause, now it goes into recording immediately.

    - seeing the small map used to be a fun little feature, now that is gone
    overall, i feel that the apple watch part of the app took a huge step backward. really wish you guys were not making the mistake of ruining a product that used to work well. thank you for your time,

  • Don't even think about pulling more data from apple watch. Make simple tasks/specs stable first!

    Check out what happened to my morning run today:

    And this is not the first time. The app freezes at start screen and current pace/distance/duration display is always always always always lagging - so data field is useless to me during runs, seriously. Apple watch 2 itself is mediocre, I think its kinda impractical to ask too much. However, please make simple tasks work and robust.

    Also, I think it is absolutely not necessary to save run in history once it is synced with Apple watch is not a memory rich device. Avoid fighting for storage.

  • I keep trying out the app for my Apple Watch2 whenever I don't have my Garmin watch with me.  So far I've had poor performance with it.  Today I went for a 5 mile walk.  It showed recording and showed my HR for the first 50 mins.  About 10 mins later I went to check the progress and it showed nothing.  I started the app (since it was not running) and there was no resume or anything showing it had been running for 50 mins.  So I hit start and it recorded the last 1 mile of my walk.  When I stopped it and saved I hoped maybe the first 4 miles were in there somewhere.....nope.  ZERO.  All I got was the last mile.  I don't think I'll give it a try again until some major updates are made.  This is not the STRAVA I've used since Strava started.  This is really a terrible app with zero reliability.

  • Hello. Only in the last 2 weeks, Strava is not detecting my Runs anymore. After running (and accurate distance is displayed on my watch) I get a message saying

    "No movement detected.."

    This forces me to discard my workout! Its happened constantly over the last 2-3 weeks. I've tried deleting Strava from my iPhone, (iPhone 6 - this is normally left at home when I run) and reinstalling the app. Also rebooted the watch several times too. How annoying. 


  • Not sure anyone from Strava is listening, but some observations I've got from using the app on my AW2 since it's launch earlier this year:


    1. Positives first, it has been getting better adding features like run splits and history. Works well for cycling. 

    2. GPS tracking is highly variable (useless really). Take a look at this run I did at the weekend, it's a 5k parkrun yet only shows as 4.4k and I definitely started and finished the app correctly:

    my son used Strava on his iphone 5s strapped to his arm and it was spot on:

    There was tree cover and could be hardware issues with the AW2, but generally I've found the standard Activity App and NRC+ to work better on the GPS. 

    3. Audio cues would be very useful as available on the phone app and NRC+ does this on Apple Watch so certainly doable

    4. How about linking to playlists on the AW2 as the NRC+ app does. I know requires an Apple Music account, but makes it easy for a completely phone free run. 

    Basically at the moment I'm finding NRC+ superior on AW2, but want my data in Strava as been using for years and like the other features like segments and clubs etc. Perhaps will get sorted one day.... 

  • I cannot get past the start button on the Apple Watch 2. It simply doesn't start recording. Please help

  • I ran into my first issue with the Apple Watch (gen 2) app not syncing my completed activity to my phone so that it posts to my Strava account. I go into history and see the ride there and tap on the sync button but it will absolutely not push. My phone and watch are connected. Have rebooted both. Please help!

  • I may have missed this somewhere in an earlier post. I'll share my current dilemma. 

    Prior to purchasing a Wahoo Elemnt to track my cadence, etc., I used the AW2 to activate my ride stats via the Strava app.  I'm sure everyone already knows the available data garnered from this so there's no need to repeat it.  However, after linking up the WE, I lost the HR info from the watch (That's for Apple and Wahoo to figure out).  Nevertheless, I've been using the AW2 to capture my HR via the workout app.  That's good for quick glances, etc while riding, but how do I get that data into Strava?? 

    In the meantime, anyone have a work around or know of a third app option??

    I'd like to believe having/using the AW2 negates getting a HR monitor/strap. 

  • I'm running the latest version of Strava on my AW2...Would love to see the following features added...

    ---Showing distance to the 100th place...( 1.15 vs 1.1)

    ---The ability to start a new lap in the middle of a run

    ---Audible notifications which I hear are in the works...




  • The auto-pause on the watch doesn't work at all. Is there a way around this? And, I think it is a big draw back that you can't see your progress on both the watch and app at the same time.

  • Mark (and everyone else who've asked about using the AW as a HR monitor), it may surprise you this is not what the HR monitor on the AW is for - at least for gen 1 and 2. It's more for capturing heart rate whilst resting and during lighter activities (such as walking). Its perfect for that application. For more strenuous exercise you'd be much better off with a chest strap. These are cheap, extremely accurate and the battery lasts a very long time before needing to be replaced. Mark, you have the Wahoo Elmnt (nice) so the Wahoo Tickr would be a great choice. Cheap and works over both ANT+ or Bluetooth. This is the strap I use.

  • Simon, the apple watch is designed to monitor your heart rate during exercise! The exact same as a Fitbit, it may not be as accurate as a chest strap, but is more than capable for most users, hence why they have been so popular on recent years...

    As a developer/designer I would have thought that understanding how technology does not always require medical grade precision to motivate and offer feedback to casual users.

  • Simon... thank you for the explanation!!!  Some of my friends have encouraged me to get the chest strap and given your response, I think I might just do that!

  • 0.6 km's this morning then it crashed, again.

    I don't understand why it's so hard to fix, I'd love the option to install the old Strava app which was reliable and had more features. At the moment the Strava app for Apple Watch is a disaster, please fix it Strava!

  • Please add audio cues as well as average pace for run, not just current split pace.

  • Today, while cycling, the AW2 app started upgrading in the middle of an activity... Just stopped and threw away all data. After the upgrade I could start the app again but the data was lost.

  • @Simon and others debating/wondering about the AW 2 heart rate monitor accuracy, here's a study from the Cleveland Clinic (for non-US folks, they're one of the premier healthcare institutions in the US, and well regarded in the medical community worldwide).

    TL:DR  compared with an EKG, a chest strap was 99% as accurate. AW 2 was next up at 90% and so on. Plenty accurate enough for tracking exercise.

    Edit: To add a European source on accuarcy, see this journal article from the Journal of Personalized Medicine. Study carried out by Stanford Univ. and The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm.

    I think we can safely say it's quite good enough for athletes. Now the algorithms for calculating and presenting instantaneous pace? Not so much :)

  • Josh, you can use the AW for heart rate monitoring during exercise, it's just not as actuate as a chest strap. There are many factors which can lead to a dodgy reading when using the watch (Apple don't hide this: I use the watch for a general overview of my heart rate throughout a day but when it comes to strenuous exercise I'll always put the chest strap on - the readings are far more accurate. Inaccurate readings are quite pointless, to me.

  • I would love to leave my phone at home, but need Audio cues like on the IOS app, that is a must! before I use the apple watch app.  I'm waiting patiently for the day!  how long?

  • Using the Strava app on an Apple Watch 2 Nike Edition. All started off well for the first few runs... but lately it doesn't seem to record heart rate. The Strava app just shows the heart animation, but never a reading... and likewise when it syncs to Strava there is no heart rate data at all. Any ideas please?

  • I ride/run w my phone to listen to tunes. With the new release of AppleWatch series 2, the phone and watch run independently. Therefore, I can run Strava on my watch and sync after the run or run Strava on my iPhone7. However, since they don't work together during the workout, if I run Strava on my phone during the workout, I can not see my progress on my watch during the workout. That was the best feature of the phone and watch app since my phone is riding in my saddlebag. Is there a way for the watch to display the progress of the app on the phone like it did with AppleWatch series 1?

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