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It would be good to have the ability to add the effective life of a segments so a start and end of life date.

Currently I have seen that KOM & fastest times on several routes nearby show times before the current road layout even existed and are often confused with segments that no longer even exist in reality.

Whilst you can filter by year it is still misleading and to be honest diminishes the usefulness of adding new segments which then get full of old times irrelevant times..

It is obviously picking up the fact that the GPS route is similar so an effective life range would sort that.





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  • Same or worse for MTB trails that are modified or expanded on a quarterly basis. New loops added or retired, but old efforts still match full course.

    Overall leaderboards are useless on many of the local trails.

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  • Yeas this would be great, lots of mtb segments near me that when the put in the new trail network, altered the course of some trails, still close enough, but the old times still stand even though they went straight down the hill, now it winds down, so you can never ever beat the old times, or even close.

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  • +1

    This would be very helful also for Enduro Dirt Bike Riding!

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