Automatically flag blatantly impossible things

There are a significant amount of activities that have what I will call impossible results. There are quite a few reasons why this could happen, including bad GPS data, wrong activity type, using a car, etc. Strava should implement some checks to automatically flag blatantly impossible things that are well beyond the capabilities of human performance like sub 3 minute running miles, or tens of thousands of feet of gain in an hour long run.

The leaderboards of the monthly running climbing challenges are frequently garbage results from random athletes whose watches recorded crazy elevation gains on what are almost always completely flat runs. It would be easy to check their VAM against known world best performances and see that such gain is literally 10 times more than the world's best mountain runners could do in that time period. Or simply do a GPS spot check against the altitude data that their watch recorded, often altitudes of over 20,000 ft (and they aren't in the Himalayas, Denali, or the Andes).

There are many similar threads to this, some that are quite old. I really don't know why Strava has not fixed this yet.



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  • Strava has the wrong attitude if the response (Michaels post) is largely that it is a community moderated platform - sounds like ‘all care and no responsibility’ - or just no responsibility. A community (customer) focused response should be along the lines of: 1) yes we recognise there are a considerable number of very obviously inaccurate readings in many leader boards; 2) we have done x, y and z to date working to address the problem, and that 3) we recognise we have to do much more/better to address this issue and not rely on/burden the Strava community so much to point out specific incorrect activity results. 4) we are working to improve as a priority and expect to upgrade our filters (or whatever tangible action and a currently expected timeframe for significant improvement). It’s not that hard for Strava to say that and it is certainly more respectful and less infuriating to us (their customers.

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