Using cycling live segments in mobile app, simultaneously with another device

I have a scenario I would appreciate some advise with, so possibly somebody has any similar setup or experience?


I have a Garmin Forerunner 235 watch which i use for running. I have recently started cycling also, and I have the handlebar mount which holds the watch in place whilst I ride, so it is for all intents and purposes a cycle computer during the ride. 

I have a chest HR sensor paired (the wrist sensor is no use when mounted in this way) as well as a cycle Cadence sensor and a temperature sensor. 

I want to use Strava live segments, but my watch does not support it. I have my phone clamped to the handlebar also, as I plan to use the phone for longer rides when I need some route guidance, but my question is as follows:

How can I take advantage of the Strava live segments and route following features on my phone, without uploading a duplicate activity?  from what I can see, I must be "recording" in the mobile app if I want to follow a route, and use live segments, but is there a way I can bin this activity at the end without it uploading?  

I dont want to track the activity in the app, I need to use the watch, as that is the only way I will get the HR, Cycle Cadence and temperature data (the ANT sensors wont work with my phone).  




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