Active Friends - trigger from Garmin not just from mobile app

 I am a Strava Premium subscriber. I run / ride with a Forerunner device, which support Strava Beacon, so even though I am tracking an activity from my watch, and not using the Strava mobile app, my safety contacts automatically receive my Strava Beacon notification messages. Brilliant. 

I quite like the "active friends" feature in the activity feed, which simply tells followers that you are out on an activity. I believe it may also alert them when that activity is done. The issue is that my Garmin doesn't appear to trigger this, even though it does trigger Beacon. This seems to be only triggered if you are recording using the Strava mobile app? (something I dont do). 

Could the "active friends" social tag be updated in the feed by 3rd party devices?  It should be possible given that Beacon is enabled that way?  Cant they triggered together? 



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