Feed filter by minimum mileage/distance

is it possible to incorporate a feature than allows you to only see rides in your in box over a certain mileage, fed up of getting rides of between 0 and 10 miles clogging up my inbox. warm up warm downs etc, would be able to filter out the commute rides then too



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  • Agree!

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  • Just came here with this idea in mind. But rather than a distance filter, a smart filter that automatically categorizes the effort would be nice. Dont take me wrong but I dont care about public rides to the post office without a HRM. In case you got there by throwing 1000 watt for a minute I do care. I am looking for a way to unclutter my stream and kudos/focus on solid efforts based on my friends personal progress.

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  • Exactly what I was going to post !  People popping to the shops and logging a 0.5 mile ride or running 1 mile is grotesquely annoying now.


    Just a distance slider or filter that I can only see rides over 20 miles min and runs above 5 miles thanks : )


    Fingers crossed !!!

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  • That could be a great feature, I want to found back all my run over 10km and I have to scroll all my activity and watch for 10km run. It's annoying a slider with min and max distance could be realy nice...

    Like this we could filter our result to see the run we are interested by.


    Thanks you


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