More gradation in heatmaps: it should take longer to get to the most intense red.

First: I LOVE HEATMAPS. Few things are more satisfying than seeing where I've run and ridden, historically, all together in a graphic. 

Second: I live next door to a park that I run daily. Sometimes more than once a day. Yes, the heatmap should reflect that frequent use, but it should still be getting darker in certain, more frequently run areas. That is, after (from what I can) four or five runs, there's no more gradation--every run after that is of no effect on the map. It's as if that section I've run 6 times has been as frequently traveled as that other section which I've run dozens of times. 

Strava, you've got more serious issues going on right now. First, the issues with the non-chronological feed should be of the utmost importance. Many, myself included, are seriously unhappy with the change. Strava ain't Facebook, and efforts like this one to become more like a social network centered around cats and silly status updates will never be received favorably by the community. And that leads to a second, admittedly less resolute objection of mine. I'm as-of-yet unconvinced, but I think I am against the new "text" posts. At first, I thought it would be neat to have athletes, especially professional ones, giving more details when they post their activities. That is, it would be alright to have activities plus content (words, pictures, etc.) But what's probably not going to be alright with the community is the content alone. People are here to share their workouts. That's it. I can go to Facebook for the rest. And I will continue to do so. No, I will not become a creature entirely devoted to Strava for all social content I ever want to consume. Please don't try to force that on me.


So in conclusion, please fix the chronological feed, and consider the wisdom of allowing folks to post just their thoughts--make them do some work first, and let them post their musings on the meaning of life after they've set a few KOMs. When you're through with that, maybe consider making the darkest red a little more difficult to achieve on heat maps.





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  • I'd love the chronological feed actually, but I agree with the heatmaps.

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  • Please gradate the heat maps further. Just having red after blue isn't that great

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