Strava Community Races

I think this would be a game changer within the Strava community:

1- Set up " Community Race" category where Strava users can log a run/ bike segment and save it as a "Community Race"

2- The user then adds an expiry date parameter (eg users have 1 month to attempt the same race/segment).

3- Allow users to invite friends via Strava or FB or create a geographically specific community forum on Strava to invite those interested in racing to attempt the race.

4- Have a leader board for each race posted on Strava.

5- Allow users to search for races by hovering over the mapped area on Strava.

6- While attempting the race, have Strava give you feedback on how far back you are from the leader's time.  This could be a premium function (?)



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  • Yeah. That would be really awesome and additive!

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