Y-axis on elevation chart

The Y-axis on the distance-elevation chart seems to be set to an unnecessarily high max value.

See below, my ride elevation never went above 120ft. But the max is at 700ft. Means it's difficult to discern the changes.

Perhaps better would be to round up the Y-axis max to the next 100 above the activity max.



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  • Seconding this. Would also be nice to be able to make pace the primary LHS y-axis.


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  • Y-axis on ALL the charts!!

    Get rid of estimated power (which I'm not interested in) and give us sone better graphs..., like the original ones, before they were Web 2.0-a-fied*

    *that was AGES ago now, and they have not been improved in the slightest little bit since.

    I have another 2 gripes!

    1. The map barely fits on the screen at the same time as the plots (due to bad placement).

    2. As you scroll across the plot the information is hidden by the "flag box" showing the data for that point.  This box should be on the LHS and not the RHS as you move from left (start) to right (finish).  The way it currently is is infuriating and idiotic!

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  • I have the same problem. Elevation profiles are often completely flattened out by very high max value on y-axis. For example: https://www.strava.com/activities/1153394538

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  • I have the same problem, here's another example.  Y axis max is 5000 feet even though my max elevation was less than 1000.



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