Low estimated power when using slightly lighter bike.

Normally I ride my gravel bike, which is 22lbs. I've been riding my road bike a bit more, which is 21.2lbs, hardly any lighter. I'm seeing hilarious estimated power discrepancies depending on whether I attach my gravel bike or my 0.8lbs lighter road bike to a ride. All other parameters are the same. For example, on my most recent ride I get an estimate of 219W with the gravel bike vs 145W for the road bike. That seems absurd given the minute weight difference. Anyone know what's going on?



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    Hi Bill, we use a different resistance factor between the bike types - road, cyclocross, mountain bike. We assume you're riding dirt/off-road if you're on the latter two, thus a greater resistance factor and more estimated power/calories expended. Hope that helps. 

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  • Thanks. I wish there was a way to set road conditions in the ride, rather than by bike choice. I know a lot of people who ride their CX bikes on all kinds of surfaces. I guess the best answer is to get a power meter. 

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