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Can you make a feature where I can create private groups "Tribes" of trusted athletes? The idea is that I can create a "Tribe" and include people into it whom I know are not poisoning the performance results of their rides. The feature can also allow me to pull in people like "pros" and compare against their results as well.


There are people out on the roads and trails now that are using E-Bikes and Motorcycles and recording their results on Strava. They are skewing the results sets and securing KOM's against riders who are not using powered equipment. This is categorically unfair. I don't mind seeing them out on the trails at all. I like that they're out riding but in order for Strava to maintain any relevance, it needs to help it's users create ways to keep e-bike results out of the data pool we compare and compete against.

If we can create our own groups of trusted Strava riders, then we have a way to compare apples to apples in our rides. We can still follow people who use e-bikes (like my parents who are older) yet we can be secure that when we ride, we can compare our results against others who ride like us. Unassisted.

With the technological evolution of cycling, apps need to compensate for it or risk alienating and frustrating their users.

"Strava Tribes". Think about it. Thanks.




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  • I get your frustration. What I don't understand is how a 'Tribe' would be different than a 'Club'? You can already compare results among club members.

    Just thinking out load, instead of Tribe/Club maybe creating something like a separate sport category for 'E-Biking' would work (next to running, cycling, swimming etc.). Based on heart-rate/speed etc. you might be able to filter out e-bikers from unassisted bikers.

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  • I don't really understand Clubs. Perhaps they're the same.

    The whole idea would be that I could create my own group and add in riders I can trust. What i'm seeing is dishonest people using e-bikes and motorcycles to claim KOM's. While a good idea, I doubt they'll register their e-bikes if fame is what their after. I ran into an older guy up in the mountains a few days ago who had just come down off a ride and was telling me about another older man who was up there on his e-bike. He was out-pacing everyone and .

    I'd like to just create a group where I know the riders won't burn each other that way and if they do... they're out. 

    Strava cannot enforce honesty. It's impossible through this medium. So we use social dynamics to encourage good behavior.

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  • Yes, what you're describing already exists as Clubs. Go make one, set it to invite only, and then invite your friends. You'll get weekly leader boards, group discussions, etc.

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