How clubs would be useful

Strava has so much potential but just doesn't have the functionality to utilize it.  

I assume someone at the company in SF reviews these messages, so please pass this along to the "club" developers.  I'm a road cyclist in Brooklyn, very plugged into the scene, and would love to use Strava clubs for social networking instead of FB groups, but can't because strava clubs' functionality is so limited. 

Here are two clubs I'd like to create: 

A club for everyone doing laps in Prospect Park.  Open club that'd allow people to learn about weekly lap rides and organize new lap groups.  Can't do it because there's no way to have a master post that lists regular weekly rides.  I tried doing this in the club description, but it's capped on letters, and there's no way to pin a post to the top of the club.  Please add a "pinned post" feature that'd be at the top of a club on both the app and desktop. 

A secret club for good pace liners.  I'd love to have a single group with my friends and friends of friends who all know how to ride well in a tight pace line.  It'd provide a single spot to organize rides where you have built in quality control over who is on the ride.  Can't do it because all clubs are publicly visible and it'd get awkward with friends who want to ride with pace lining groups but can't do it safely - they could see the group and request to join and you'd have to reject them.  No good.  Please add secret clubs.    

Please add features to make clubs usable.  Thank you. 



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