My Wishlist of new/improved features

This is going to be a long list and forgive me if some of these have been suggested before.

1. Needs better route creation. Both MapMyFitness and RideWithGPS are far superior to Strava at creating and (especially) editing routes.

2. Route turn-by-turn navigation. Ride with GPS is pretty great for this. I mean the screen view sucks, but the audible turn by turn directions are fantastic. Just wish Strava did this.

3. Hazard Reporting like Waze except for bikes. The ability to report potholes, bike path obstructions, road grading/construction, standing water, even things like 3-foot rule violations. Other Strava riders could be warned of upcoming dangers and the data could be passed on or accessible to local jurisdictions so they're notified where hazards are and where dangerous interactions are happening.

4. Bike Train functionality. Say you're commuting and you want to join or start a bike train. Not tomorrow (i.e. not planned), but actually right now. You'd put in your destination, start navigation and on the map you could see other bike trains that were already in progress toward your destination. If none are in progress you would start a bike train that other people could view. This could also be used for group rides, allowing people to see rides that were currently ongoing and allow them to join rides in progress. A rider who gets lost on a ride would also be able to immediately see where his group has disappeared to.

5. SAG and help vehicle support. You can list yourself as a help vehicle and if any of the people you follow on Strava (who are in close proximity) sends out an SOS because they have an equipment failure (or a sprained ankle) you'll be notified and can send a message back that you're on your way to help.

6. Group Leader license level and other group features. This would be an additional license level beyond advanced.
-- Riders participating in a ride led by a Strava group leader would have advanced functionality while they were participating in the ride. This sounds like a give-away (it is), but you may find that more people will shell out for the advanced functionality when they can experience it in group rides.
--  Live tracking of group / group leader
--  Leader can be notified of riders that have fallen behind and their location (permission required) 
-- The ability to initiate impromptu or scheduled bike trains could be part of this licence level.
-- Group rides can contain full mapped routes, descriptive info including elevation gain, distance, recommended bike type or nothing but the start location and time.
-- Strava group leaders can schedule rides that can be public, only discoverable to group members, followers, and/or a specific list of users. 
-- Riders have a help/emergency button to notify other riders of they're in trouble
-- Ride stats, such as average speed and typical elevation gain as well as more geeky stuff like average heart rate and power output can be listed for groups. This way people would know if they're in the proper shape to ride with a particular group. In addition, groups could use this info for bragging rights (e.g. "Our group recorded more miles than yours this month.")
--  Group membership and even visibility could be exclusive to people who have unlocked it by completing some task in Strava as defined by a group leader (e.g. Completing a particular 20 mile set of segments at at least 18 mph.)

So yeah, this was a pretty crazy wishlist, but I think this is all very cool stuff. If anyone has read my whole rant (thanks!), let me know what you think.






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  • I agree on needing better route creation.  The Strava heat map is one of those incredibly cool features that Strava sort of forgot about and doesn't utilize.  How cool would it be if it'd use its heat map data to create routes for you.  

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