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As Segments become more and more cluttered with information, Strava should consider providing the ability to configure information displayed. For example, as a default I may prefer to see just today’s efforts or this weeks or this months. I may only wish to see results of people that I follow (this is available), or maybe just my results. I appreciate that this information can usually be access using filters, but it needs to be configurable as a default.

At the moment a Segments are cluttered and skewed with dirty data - KOM or “King of the Winds” winners. Riders of electric bikes mopeds and even cars. It is impossible to gain any relevant information without laboriously applying filters.



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  • Go into the "Display Preferences" section of your account settings, and you can choose the default presentation (All/men/women/following/clubs...).

    As for people posting motor-vehicle activities as bicycle rides, if you know for sure that this has happened, just flag their ride. (On the web-site view, click on the wrench icon at left, and choose "Flag".)

    As per Strava's policies, wind-aided efforts are allowed, so regardless of what you personally think about them, don't flag them.

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