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Seeing that you can create Routes, why can't you follow a leaderboard as per route, in the same way you can have leaderboards as per Segment? This can mean that Races, time trials, club rides/runs can be added as routes for all to see, route profile, all-time leaderboard etc.



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  • That would be great. One nice addition to that would be "add this ride to my routes" when you see someone elses ride, so you can do the same route and compare. It would be really cool, to compare which person or club does those 100km faster!

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  • Most races I have done someone has made a segment that encompasses the whole race.  This sounds like a duplication of the segment feature.

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  • I've made a route of my commute, it would be nice if I could see my stats for the route without making a segment of it.It can work as a duplication of how segments work but I'd like that data for my whole route, I use live segments could potentially lose my map screen if I made a segment of my whole ride and no-one else will want to do my ridse to work so I would be the only person using that segment. 

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  • You can make private segments so no one else would see your route and the only leaderboard information on it will be your own rides. Live Segments would only switch onto it at the beginning of the segment, which would be the beginning of your route, if it even did that. Simply cancel it if it does come up at the beginning and then it can pick up other live segments along the route.

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