Crazy elevation gain calculations for Mount Hymettos (Athens, Greece)

I've just uploaded from my MacBook a double climb to the radar station at the summit of Mount Hymettos and back, starting from approx. 200 m above sea level. The station is at an altitude of 1000 m. That gives a total of just over 1600 m (there are two small declines on the climb). So the max possible elevation is 1650. But Strava calculated 2501 m altogether. This is crazy and takes the kick out of my participation in the monthly climbing challenge -- I don't want to cheat since a trophy won on the basis of that calculation would be psychologically worthless.

Charles Copeland



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  • Universal Strava problem.   The only accurate climbing data is from a barometric-equipped GPS. For all other devices Strava uses a lookup to dodgy databases.

    PS this is why I don't bother with the standings in the climbing challenges. The challenges are dominated by bloated data.

    PPS You could crop your ride until only 1650 meters of climbing remains.

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  • Strava's coders do their work very bad. Especially with elevation gain. So, keep calm and forget about evelation and altitude

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