Limit Clubs to a single type of activity

We have a Club of nordic skiers who like to talk about nordic skiing. But in our Strava club we see all kinds of other activities from club members that aren't relevant to our group, and our leader board is crazy since we have some club members doing other activities (such as biking).



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  • Hi Adrian,

    It may interest you to take a look at a project I have been working on:

    You can set up your Strava Club, and then track daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even all time leaderboards, as well as other features, such as grouping athletes within a club into teams (great for workplaces with a club, but multiple internal teams).

    The best bit in your case, is that it doesn't matter what type of club you have on Strava, you can set it up on runsyncswim to only show Nordic Skiing activities, should you wish!

    It's easy to set up a club, and the site will start tracking newer activities. If each club member authorizes the site/app - then it can get even more detail and start tracking historical activity much better too.

    The site provides single views for the leaderboard that show much more data than the default (limited) Strava Clubs features too.

    Let me know what you think!


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  • Yes, Strava, please include all activity types if it's a Multisport club. Or better yet, allow us to chose the activity of the Club (ex Nordic Skiing).

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  • Right now we are saying or nordic ski club is a biking club. Problem is many of us bike so real bike rides are being totaled with with the nordic skis activities labeled as bike rides. Plus our nordic skis are falsely putting us on biking segment leaderboards.

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  • Yes, please let us select specific activity types for clubs.

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