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I hired an e-mtb and rode on some of my regular trails.

I uploaded as an e-bike which to my disappointment had a completely different set of segments.

It would be far better if it included e-bikes (but marked as e-bike) in the main section of Strava so that we can ride our favourite segments and rate them against our own times and our followed and followers.

If they are in the main section you could have an option for people to either mask or un-mask e-bike depending on their feelings about them,






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  • @Moira: Are you serious? Can you not tell the difference between "motor" and "no motor"? Human power vs. electric power? Strava is about cycling, running, pure human efforts. Adding an electric aid makes it blurry.

    Of course a XC-Racehardail is faster than an Enduro-Bike on mountain climbs - but all in all it's human power. E-MTBs come in 250W to 1000W motor power....+ 100 to 200W cyclist power. Every comparison is really sick and useless.

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  • Ultimately it would make sense to split the scoreboards according to category of bike you are riding. This is the most fair way to do it. Putting a heavy enduro bike head to head with a carbon XC bike in the scoreboards on climbs is as unfair as putting them head to head on the decents.

    Putting a 75Nm eMTB in the same scoreboard as a 170Nm eMTB is also never going to make for a fair scoreboard. When you put such different bikes capable of being ridden at such different speeds head to head in the same scoreboard the results will never be based totally on the riders ability.

    At the end of the day everybody on Strava loves riding on 2 wheels, it’s really up to Strava to decide how many of their users they will offer a versatile enough platform to.

    Personally I think it would be a better product if the system had separate scoreboards on existing segments depending on the class (Road CX,XC,DH,Enduro, eMTB
    etc), and or power (75Nm, 80Nm,100Nm etc) of bike you are riding. Yes it’s more complicated but we live in a complex world and bike / eBike are genres encompassing far too many diverse users.

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  • Wow, eBike KOM chasers are clearly fans of ad hominem.
    A jerk and an ignoramous. How will I cope.

    @Andy, it does interest me because I've almost been wiped out a number of times by eBikes riding like maniacs on shared paths.
    eBikes that clearly have been modified to exceed legal power limits (how else do you avg 50kph for 7km on a 20kg bike??)... and then we have Strava legitimising this madness.

    @Dana, OK "complete ignoramous". Whatever - I've been riding road bikes for 25 years, got no problem with eBikes getting more people riding - just got an issue with idiots with no common sense chasing eKOMs.

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  • Modern age = save electric enery -> i am perfectly going with that :-)

    Real bikers: yes, bad words, was not meant to offend someone, should have wirtten „regular bikers“ or something like that.

    Strava: why not start an „E-Strava“, only for E-Bikers. With leaderboards „250W“, „500W“, „1000W“ and so on.

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  • E-bikers could just take the battery out and do the segment again....

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  • Don't forget filters for 26"x1.9", 27,5"x1.9", 29"x1.9", 26"x2.1", 27,5"x2.1", 29"x2.1",  26"x2.25", 27,5"x2.25", 29"x 26"x2.25", 27,5"x, 29"x2.25", and of course 26"x2.8", 27,5"x2.8", 29"x2.8" and even fat bike >3". On downhill segments I would prefer a filter for 160mm disc brake, 180mm and 210mm, and V-Brake! Hm, I consider even more filters, stay tuned ...


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  • Surely “normal” bikes are the same. Ferrari’s against less good “normal” bikes yet they are listed together. There are more ebikes on the go so Strava has to do something otherwise it’s not worth paying to be on it. I’ll not pay for full memebership as I’m not getting a full service.

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  • To be honest I think it might be better if Strava is closed for Ebikes at all. Like it was in the beginning. The motto was: only muscle power!

    The acceptance of EBikes leads to lots of fake KOMs and lots of work to flag those rides. No, a lot of real bikers simply do not want to share their leaderboard with EBikes, because it does not make any sense. It‘s like comparing apples and peaches.

    Now Ebikers have their own leaderboards, and that should be fine for them! They can create sements whatever they like. Why still complaining? Real bikers do not want to compare with electic aided efforts. And, really, I don‘t know any EBiker who pays for Strava (wouldn‘t make any sence btw, at least for the training functions), but I know some real bikers who canceled their premium membership, because they are disapointed that Strava doesn‘t do anything to get rid of those fake leaderboard positions automatically.,

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  • I've done some E-Bike riding, although no MTB. But for me it doesn't feel like real riding.

    And of course I can have motors with 300W peak or 500W peak, that's a great difference. In real biking a good trained biker with an old alu-bike can always do something against a carbon bike rider. It's pure human power that counts. E-Bike riding is a little like motorcross - of course demanding, but too different to be compared with true biking.

    In Strava's earlier days E-Bikes weren't allowed either. Nowadays E-Bikes more and more become a plague polluting our leader boards.

    Well, a compromise could be to enable a "copy" button for copying real-biking-segments to motor-assiset segments. 

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  • You are free to recreate any segment as an e-Bike segment. Where is the problem?

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  • I can't believe Strava has supported this madness.

    Now we have legions of hubbards on their mopeds terrorising roads, bike paths and shared spaces with their hopeless bike handling skills trying to get these ridiculous eKOMs.

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  • Seriously, why would you like to have live segments for E-Bikes. I mean, there is no sense in it. The one with the bigger motor will be faster anyway. 


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