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First of all I want to apologise for my bad english writting. I hope you can understand me anyway.

I have purchased recently a GPS device which is not Garmin, Polar, etc. (it is a A-Rival Teasi PRO) and it hasn't its own "activities/tracks management website/app" which could be automatically synchronized with Strava (as Garmin Connect does).

So, I must load "manually" the tracks from the Strava website by searching the *.gpx file with the browser.

I tried a synchronizing website called "Tapiriik", wich syncs activities among several sport tracking websites (Strava, Connect, Endomondo, Polar,...). It is also able to sync activities with a Dropbox folder (GPX or TCX files).

I was able to sync my GPS device with the Dropbox folder so that the GPX files generated by my Teasi Pro are automatically copied to the Dropbox folder. Tapiriik tries to upload these GPX files from Dropbox to my Strava and Garmin Connect accounts. The files are succesfully uploaded to Connect, but they are not sync to Strava (Tapiriik gives the message "Strava does not support this type of activity").

It is strange, because there was an activity that was succesfully uploaded both to Strava and Connect, but now Strava does not accept it. The gpx files are not corrupt, because the same files can be manually loaded from Strava website without any problem.

¿Do you think if there is any solution for this issue? Thanks in advance




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    Hi Edu - this sounds to me more like a technical support request, not product feedback. So I have created a support ticket for you. You'll hear back from us as soon as we can look into the issue. Thanks! 

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  • Hi!

    I have the Spo Q from A-Rival and i can´t uploaded to strava my activities. When i do the uploaded the message is "Time information is missing from file."

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Ich schließe mich der Frage in Teilbereichen an ... Wird es bald möglich sein, Aktivitäten von Teasi (one) direkt hochladen zu können?


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  • Hello

    My A-Rival device records my actvicties correctly, but as I share in Strava, there the activicty is recorded as Bike Ride and without the tome informations. Is there any way to fix it?


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  • Hi Kenji, 

    I've created your comment into a ticket so you can get specific help. 


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