Fitness and Freshness Manual Upload of unrecorded data

Allow manual upload of time, distance, average heartrate and average power to be figured into the Fitness and Freshness Chart.

Without this feature the chart becomes inaccurate every time you do an activity that cannot be recorded by a device for what ever reason.

The Fitness and Freshness Chart is the only reason I have a Premium Membership and I feel I will not renew next year.

You can do this with WKO software, why not Strava?




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  • Gary, I have a work around for you on this, as I also really use the fitness and freshness piece. 

    I use the Wahoo ticker X HR strap. Using the Wahoo fitness app that record that activity, I log my activity then share it with Strava ( linked via the wahoo app). When wahoo pushes the activity to strava, I record the activity as an indoor bike activity, and that reflects on my Fitness and Freshness via the Heart Rate data. 

    Which HR monitor do you use? 

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  • thanks, I know you can use chart using HR data only.

    I use an Ant+ strap with my Garmin so I can record any activity that way.

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  • I like the Fitness & Freshness graph but inability to correct the data behind makes it difficult to rely upon. There have been a number
    of times where my Garmin has misfired, or I've taken a spin class without a power meter where I've wanted to provide a weighted power estimate

    So, one of the features of the Strava API App I wrote is the ability to edit the weighted average power for your rides. The corrected data is used to generate a graph similar to the Fitness & Freshness graph.

    My approach is limited to power meter users.
    You can check out my app at:

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