Add support for ANT+ with Strava Android App

Has anyone tried using an ANT USB adaptor (such as the one Garmin sells) to receive ANT sensors on an Android phone? I have a Galaxy Nexus phone with Jelly Bean (4.2). It seems that if I install the ANT Radio Service and the ANT USB Service (both free from the Google Play store) I might be able to get ANT to work with my phone and hopefully the Strava app.  The description for the ANT Radio Service app lists compatible apps but Strava is not listed



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    Happy new year everyone - 

    Since the December 14th public release of Strava v4.6 for Android, "Strava for Android now lets you pair your ANT+ devices with a compatible phone."

    Feel free to leave a comment with any feedback or questions. 

  • I believe the Strava app is currently not compatible with android and ANT+ devices. I have a Sony Ericsson (I bought it a while back because they come with ANT+ built in) and can get a Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor to link easy on Endomondo. However, the Strava app is currently only compatible with Bluetooth devices (unless you have an iPhone). I'm sure it won't be long until this is rectified.....hint, hint Strava ;-).....You know? The world's leading GPS/HRM manufacturer and the world's largest smart phone platform, all that's missing is Strava...?

  • I've had my Android Samsung Galaxy S3 successfully showing heart rate data using a friends' Garmin Heart Rate Strap. I'm using the Suunto Movestick Mini as my ANT+ interface. The radio and test apps from Ant+ worked like a charm. So easy.

    Unfortunately I'd echo Brett that it seems we're just going to have to wait for the developers to bring this functionality to strava for android. 

    I'll sign up for strava pro as soon as it's done - I don't know of anything else I'd need that Strava doesn't have after ANT+

  • I have further discovered that I can export my Endomondo recorded training as a gpx and import it to Strava including the heart rate and it still captures 'segments' performance this way too. It would be cleaner to just use Strava, especially because I find the GPS mapping more reliable than Endo (I have had Endo drop out half way through rides before), but for the present I just run Endo and do the export/import thing.

  • Thanks Brett! It's good to know that Endomondo can stand in until Strava has implemented ANT+ support.

    Is cadence also imported successfully this way?

    Also, I've since discovered another option out there called "IpBike" - might not look pretty but the feedback is positive. Have you tried it?

    So far I've just been testing with borrowed ANT+ inputs. I need to order some of my own before I can try this one out.

    Either way, it's great to know there's a workaround.

  • Hi Glenn, I imagine cadence probably will import (I say this based on the fact that speed, mapping, elevation and heart rate data carried across without problem). I used to record my cadence on Endomondo but I need to re-sync my phone with the cadence sensor as it is not currently being captured for some reason, at least it hasn't been captured on my phone since I started using Strava. This probably occurred around the time of a battery change. I'll try and get the cadence link working again and then try an import to Strava and let you know.

    I haven't tried IpBike. I did download it many months ago but didn't get around to using it - too many apps already!

  • Thanks for the information everyone. I did go ahead and purchase the Suunto USB stick and an OTG USB cable. The ANT+ Bike Demo connects with no problem on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone. As already stated, Strava does not see my ANT+ sensors.

    I do have Endomondo pro but I cannot get it to connect to my Garmin heart rate monitor or my Garmin speed cadence sensors.  

    I have tried others including IpBike, MyTracks,  and Sports Tracker.  IpBike is the only one that worked for me. It connected to all my ANT+ sensors. It was a little tricky to get setup and the user interface isn't the greatest but it works. And it has a way to export to Strava (either directly or by exporting to file then uploading to Strava - note that direct upload only works if you have GPS data - I didn't since I was using my trainer). It will be what I use until Strava comes up with something better.

    BTW, I also use the ANT+ USB stick in my laptop. I got a CycleOps trainer for Christmas and subscribed to the TrainerRoad software. That's been great. 

  • Hi guys, I did the re-sync of my sensors in 5 seconds (using auto scan in Endomondo) and got heart rate, speed & cadence working. Then I went for a ride up and down the road while recording on Endo. I can report that I successfully exported from Endo into Strava all my sensor data: - heart rate, cadence, speed etc.

    John, I don't know why you aren't able to connect with Garmin sensors using the Suunto ANT+ stick? Like I mentioned above my phone has ANT+ built-in (Sony Ericsson Xperia Active) so I have no experience using this device.

  • In order to enable ANT+ in an Android devices there are different paths, already mentioned in this discussion.

    One is to have a smartphone with ANT+ built-in, another is to add an ANT USB stick and connect it to the smartphone using a USB OTG  (OnTheGo) cable.

    However, also the Android applications have to be written to support the external ANT USB stick. At the moment, only applications that use the official ANT Alliance APIs are able to communicate with the external accessory. This situation will probably change in the near future, but this is the start of the art, concerning ANT+ and Android.

    For more info, check this how to:

  • Two years ago I bought a SE Xperia Mini ST15i just to use on sports to track my runnings and cyclings. I bought it because I could take benefit of its inbuilt ANT+ and my  Garmin and Adidas gear. (besides being so small and light makes it a very nice Walkman, etc for those "sporty" situations)

    I would love to give a chance to Strava but it's incompatibility with ANT+ makes it hard to chose.... Endomondo for example works like a charm with these ant+ accessories,  it even detect the cadence (ant+) of the Gym's Bike when I go to the Spinning Classes!


  • I second ANT+ support for Strava on Android. I imagine it wouldn't be hard to tie into the ANT Alliance API. I like the new features of the latest version of Strava but not recording my heart rate makes it a no-go.

    BT devices are way less efficient than ANT devices (most BT HR straps I've seen need new or recharged batteries at ~ 20 hours, whereas in a year and a half and over 2500 miles of use running and cycling, I've never changed the tiny battery in my Garmin strap.) They also seem, from reviews, to be less accurate due to reception problems associated with sweat and body mass.

    The only caveat I've found using an ANT+ adapter with an OTG cable is the vibration making the MicroUSB connector come out of the phone. I've kind of solved that with an improvised lock made of paper clips. It *usually* works fine. :}

  • Just cancelled my Premium Subscription.

    No use to me until Strava supports Ant+ on Android.

    Back to SportyPal.

  • Just because Strava do not support Android ANT+ i'm forced to use Endomondo... Also canceled premium subscription ant waiting for ant+ support.

  • Strava, PLEASE add Ant+ support!!  

    You will be financially rewarded for this effort, as noted by this and other forums out there, where people are committing to purchasing your Preium service with the inclusion of this feature!

    I am seriously considering canceling my, just purchased Premium membership, as I just found out that it is not (as I see many others have already done).


    Here's some marketing consideration:

    1) Market Potential: Count the number of Android users
    2) Current Market: Number of Garmin and other GPS users (the processor and software in android device is exponentially more powerful than ANY watch or bike computer)

    Here's a common use case for the decision makers up there:

    A) Many if not most Strava runners and bicyclists take their phone in addition to watch or computer while exercising, anyway

    B) Take this equation into consideration:


    GPS enabled watch or computer ($129-$500+)  <  Ant+ enabled phone + Strava Premium Service + selling on eBay the old Watch or Computer = Strava Premium + ($79-$400+)... NO BRAINER!!

  • I too would love Ant support in the native app, but In the meantime try IPBIKE -

    It's not as pretty or as straight forward as the main Strava app, but it successfully records and uploads TO Strava with heart rate, cadence etc via ANT.

    There's a learning curve, but the very generous trial period will help you determine if it'll do the job for you.

    I have no affiliation, I'm just happy to have found a way to stay in Strava with my riding buddies so I thought I'd share :)

    Cheers, Glenn

  • I agree with the desire of many users - ADD ANT+ SUPPORT, please!!!

  • ANT+1 and Pebble. 

  • I also cancelled my premium subscription as I have several apps that work great with my Note 3 (built-in ANT+) and Garmin HRM but the Strava Android App fails to recognize it and keeps trying to point me to some bluetooth rubbish. Seriously Strava, the Garmin HRM has to be the most widely used HRM on the planet, you need to support it. 

  • Samsung is just starting to roll out updates to the Galaxy S3 (an incredibly popular phone) that apparently adds ANT+ support to it. Strava is really missing out by not taking advantage of these android features.

  • Stock Samsung S4 now works with ANT+   (Samsung S4 + Ant+ drivers from play store + demo app + B'Twin Count 14+)

    Come on Strava - listen to your customers (and future Premium subscribers if you sort this out),  sort out Ant+ support for android

  • Please add ANT+ compatibility for Android!

  • I also own an ANT+ enabled Sony Ericson phone and would use Strava in favour of Endomondo if ANT+ sensors were supported!

  • I would like  to have ant+ support in Strava.  With the new Samsung s3 android update there is ant+ support. I would appriciate if strava add this supprot. 

    Mobile strava is unfortunately behind advanced website. Hope Strava's developer already started to thing of upgrade :)

  • ANT + support for heart rate monitor, speed, cadence + powermeter .

  • Make it happen, STRAVA.
    It's ridicoulus that ANT+ isn't supported, all the while strava seems engineered around Garmin products.
    It would be great to only have to take my phone to the gym to cover music, pulse, and communication.
    I've got the Edge 800, 910 XT, 610. But I'd rather bring just my Galaxy tab while training indoors. 

  • My premium membership is coming due in Dec. I need a reason to stay. I have no issues with biking and using my computer to track my HR. Now I'm starting to do some running and can't track my HR through your app. C'mon, I'm starting to think you have some sort of agreement with the BT device manufacturers to not deal with and support Ant+. Even S Health on my S4 support Ant+ and it's a POS! Get your act together.

  • I've found such a stupid workaround . I haven't test it yet, but android IPBIKE  have full ant+ support cadence, power, hrt and the key is

    that is able to upload to strava :).  I will test it when will be bit warmer outsite. Hope it will not eat baterries too much.

  • Selfloops Android app have full ant+ support. It is easy and simple.

  • Petr Melekhin , but there is not problem with phone ant+ suport but that strava android app doesn support ant.

  • +1 for ant+ support in Strava.  This would really help quite a bit with my training as my phone is my primary cycling computer.

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