Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



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  • I honestly think Strava software engineers are sleeping on the job. Time for Strava to fire them and get new ones in that can get the job done in a jiffy!

  • Dear Strava developers. So after 4 years of waiting - perhaps you'd like to see how a smaller, less influential sports tracking app allows its users to develop custom-made challenges?
    Here you go (this is the kind of thing we're ALL looking for.) 

  • Hi Elle


    Please add your latest post to the "Official Post" at the top.....

    We are all VERY excited to create challenges in 2017


  • Yes, can we please make this happen?  Seen this as a suggestion for years.  

  • OH thanks for letting us know about ENDOMONDO!  Looks awesome! Get it together STrava

  • After reading all these posts I'm glad I didn't go premium!!! I'll stick with Garmin Connect. It's crazy that setting up a challenge isn't a basic feature.

  • Really looking forward to this feature

  • is this available to club admins yet?

  • I can only agree with the previous comments on the challenge creating topic. Has anybody received an explanation from Strava?

  • Any news on the implementation of this?

  • Yes, I second this, any news on creating our own challenge within our club???

  • What's the official word? Is this possible yet? 

  • Nah they are too busy messing around with things nobody ever asked like non-chronological order of the feed

  • Would love this feature...

  • it's insane that people have been asking for this for years and strava hasn't done it.

  • So, @Elle, at the beginning of February you said that this feature was definitely on the roadmap for 2017. It's nearing the end of October - is this going to be a Christmas gift? ;-)

    Also, what about the bug in triathlon clubs in which virtual rides (e.g., Zwift) don't roll up under Bike time but do count in the overall weekly duration? This is confusing for people, and your support folks said this was a known issue and in the backlog.

    Does any bug fixing ever actually make it out of backlog?

  • Any news about that? Would be awesome

  • update plz

  • So this is something that has been talked about for a while. Any plan for a possible roll out or at least a beta?

  • Also would like to see this added - we are trying to add a challenge for our club.  Thanks!  Lina

  • Ignorance on a whole new level. I bet there will be Snapchat Strava InstaStories sooner than something users actually want.

  • Fairly new to Strava. Wanted to set up a 2018 km in 2018 challenge (running and cycling miles count). Found this thread. Sad to see that Strava doesn't seem to care about customer feedback! Mapping sucks too. Guess I'll stick with Ride With GPS for my cycling, certainly won't go Premium.

  • Any update on when this is happening Strava?  We would happily pay a club annual fee to have the facility to edit the settings of the club page...instead of by time - by distance and discipline (we're a tri club). For instance, we'd like to set up an Ironman challenge for everyone to complete an ironman distance in their training across a set period of time OR a channel swim. If you want to increase revenue then club membership may be the way forward.


  • Has this been implemented yet? This was brought up in 2013 and it seems very popular.

    It would be awesome to have a way of creating our own Challenges :)

  • Was this ever implemented? Want to create challenges for commuting, only way to do so at the moment is endomondo.

  • As we approach the 5 year anniversary mark for this request I have to shake my head.  Fortunately most tracking apps will enable you to create custom challenges.  I've been using Garmin's app more instead of feeding the data to Strava.  Edmondo has a slick group challenge feature that lets you and your friends setup competitions.  In my opinion this type of feature is becoming table stakes.  

  • Club challenges by various rankings would be great. We have a big group of people in the PNW that want to challenge themselves and each other. Please make this a thing.


  • Any updates on this at this point?

  • Dear Strava, when I've read this thread I see the custom challenge request was made 5 years ago and was answered with "it's on our road map". I'm wondering what happened to that map? 

    With so many people requesting this feature (and it's a very useful one), I don't get why it has taken so long to develop. 

    I've created a club for a group of young footballers to introduce them to the concept of low intensity, aerobic base building as part of their pre-season training. As a result, Strava now has an entire team of young athletes (and a few keen parents) using Strava. Imagine the benefits this feature could have to the countless coaches around the world.... And the volume of new users as a result.

    Surely this is a feature worth developing, even if it's a little late in the piece.

    Is this feature still on your road map and if so, how far away is it?

  • We have literally HUNDREDS of athletes that would join Strava to be part of our Club Challenges each season.  You're really missing out on reaching SO MANY more athletes by limiting the challenges function.  PLEASE incorporate this option into the Club features - thank you!

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