Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



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  • Do you need premium to start a Strava club? I keep receiving an error message when I try

  • It is a shame...I just joined Strava because the guys at the office who ride often are using it. We just started a group and now want to do a challenge (100 squats a day for 30 days). To all our surprise this feature is not available! We may have overlooked this as just something the users of Strava don't value, however it is clear that many have waited for a long time for this and Strava is not valuing your feedback. I may have to stop using this app with only a day in. That is a shame.

  • It will be really useful to have the possibility to define a group challenge like: 1000 km/month for all group members (on all activities: run, ride...).

  • It is disappointing to see that 2016 it was on the roadmap and nothing has been rolled out yet!! I created a running club for your India office and now when we ready to challenge everyone there is no option to create a challenge!! 

  • So sorry to see how long this is taking to address. Honestly, what do you think would keep athletes happier - the opportunity to compete with their peers or new fangled ways to give kudos? The thumbs up option until now was perfect just the way it was. Understated yet meaningful. If I start getting fireworks going off in my feed I’ll be sorely disappointed!! PLEASE can we just have the option to be the inner sportsmen and women that so few of us get the chance to be and compete together!!!

  • Yes Please. Put me down as a user if added!

  • If you look back at Elle Anderson's post from Feb 3, 2017, she says the feature is definitely on the roadmap for 2017.

    It's now halfway through 2018, and still no feature. And no word back from anyone on Strava.

    As best as I can tell, Strava doesn't give a flip about its Premium customers, because they know that, statistically, around x% of all users will opt for Premium no matter what they do. So if they grow the top line of all users, they grow the number of Premiums and never have to add this or any other feature they consider "hard" or that the engineers just "don't feel like" doing.

    A coder friend of mine actually built a simple version of this on top of Strava's API, but he's not a UX guy, so it doesn't look all that good. But the data is there, so if he can do it, surely it's not a heavy lift for anyone at Strava.

    And Slowtwitch has something similar (and more polished from a UI perspective: You need to register for the site in order to use the feature, and it doesn't allow you the user to set up your own challenges, but it does illustrate that it's possible to do on top of Strava data. There's only one active challenge there right now, but earlier in the year there were a bunch more (100 runs in 100 days, etc.).

  • Let's get this done already.

  • Hi everyone...

    No soluction for this issue yet?


  • No Leo, 

    looks like they have been busy implementing features no one cares about it like "Summit" membership....



  • Come on Strava! Give us a decent update for a change, this would be an excellent addition to the app.

    Stop tweaking the order of feeds and amending the name of the premium membership. This would be a fantastic feature and create more engagement from your users.

    It is getting a tiresome waiting for good stuff to come through. I am starting to ask whether or not to continue using the app.

  • The best thing is that this thread started in February 01, 2013 - we will be celebrating 6 years this Feb.  Its pretty obvious this functionality isn't coming anytime soon.  If you use Garmin the mobile app and portal have a really slick way to setup challenges, invite people and post comments.  If not everyone uses Garmin Run Keeper, Edmondo, Nike and a slew of other mobile apps enable challenges to be created.  


    Edmondo seems to be the best in this space, but its really become table stakes for any legitimate run tracking app.  


    Edit: wow, i just realized i wrote a similar response a year ago..... 

  • What’s happening over there? In Feb 2013 we get “We love this idea, too!” The, after 3 years, it gets into some arbitrary “roadmap”... 2 years since then this still isn’t a thing? Other apps that provide this have found a way to make it work. Maybe I should take my payment for a premium membership to those guys and move all my followers with me.

    Seriously, Strava! Not so much as the peep of an update about this. How about at least updating your clientele about something they’ve been asking for for the past FIVE YEARS! This is rediculous. I wonder what’s apps your employees use to be able to have this functionality. Provide an update or I’m leaving and taking my followers with me.

  • Any update???

  • Still no update for this function...

  • Hey Folks, 

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't have an update for you yet. I realize that's not what you want to hear, but I wanted to drop in so there's no radio silence. 

  • I'm assuming you guys are an Agile shop, so I'm curious how an item like this remains in the backlog for OVER 5 YEARS. What features actually go into a sprint over there? And why doesn't product management consider this an important feature?

  • Try using Ben Smith's

  • It seems that this highly appreciated feature is still not released (or even designed or discussed?)

  • @Jo H. is a bit special whereas you split the segments and run them at different times. was perfect whereas you choose 5 segments and choose a time period and compete against the segments via a strava club, but it unfortunately lost it's connections to strava and now dead.

    This must be a very easy application release for strava to implement.

  • Any updates on this one?

  • How many more years it going to take for this?

  • Since Strava isn't commited to making this feature available to users, I guess I'll move to edomondo with my friends then.. 😑😑😑
    Bye Strava!

  • How is this still not a thing! I want to compete with my friends. Use suffer scores, and sell some subscriptions! Do something! Even Endomondo which is trash has this functionality. 

  • did anything change in this? Does it exist?


  • Seems like nothing happened. Still waiting. Would really like to see that feature.

  • please Strava, please.....

  • I commented on this thread in 2016 and since then have gotten over 70 notifications by email that someone has added a comment in support. I also see it goes back way beyond this. When will we see this feature?

  • This feature is a must and would literally make this app more fun to use with own groups of friends. Can 2019 be lucky year for this?

  • totally disappointed for an awesome app...was looking forward to start the excitement with cyclist, runners, walkers etc. I would really like that feature.

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