History of changes in weight, FTP, and other changeable variables over time

As weight  and FTP change over time, so do watts/kg etc.  It would be interesting to be able to track progress of weight loss (for example) and increases in watts/kg over time.  It would also be interesting for strava as a company to be able to see the total weight lost, or power/kg gained by their members!  Proof the website has a positive effect on people!



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    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for your comments! It would be really cool to see these metrics throughout the years. I'll pass this on to our product managers and engineers. 

    Unfortunately, I can't give you any sort of ETA on implementing this feature as old as this request is. What I need from all of you is to continue to provide constructive feedback so when I do report back to the team, I can show your comments. 


  • I fully agree with this suggestion. If you could plot/track your FTP history and weight history (be it loss or gain) it would be very useful!



  • Yep.  This is a fundamental flaw with the site, IMO.  I have gotten lighter and stronger over the last year or so.  However, when I put it new weights and/or FTP it automatically resets itself for my entire history.  One loses the motivation aspect of seeing "how far they have come." 

    For a site that is built around people trying to improve on their achievements, this seems like a no brainer--and an easy fix.  

  • I agree as well. Even better if the app would accept current weight details from any number of different scales on the market that report your information wirelessly (wahoo specifically, since they work so well with the rest of their HR data).

  • Definitely a big limitation to using Strava to track fitness. Because of this very reason I continue to use other solutions to track my fitness levels over time. Also, just an FTP isn't really enough. I'd like to see power zones either based on a specified FTP or manually specified, just like HR zones. Entering new zones, power or HR, should require entering an effective date. Finally, while the weight entered in the Settings pages should be the default weight associated with any new ride upload, one should be able to edit the weight associated with a ride. Customizable power zones, dated zones and ride weight could all be Pro-level features...

  • would love to have a weight history feature.

  • Need it more and more! If i change FTP - my training loads and Intensity changes for all previous trainings while it should affect only future activities!

  • Would be a great feature track weight and really see the benefits of the efforts.  I appreciate that there are some demi-gods that are less than 8% body fat but for us chunky but improving fellas it would be a good measure of the progress we have made.  Or if we have stagnated.  A monthly prompt would be good to get an update and only recast the figures, HR etc going forward. Might tempt a few more into paying    for the extra functions!

  • I am working daily to lose weight on my bike, and so while I love Strava and everything about it, it apparently has no ability whatsoever to track weight loss. I am really surprised, because weight loss is the number one topic among Americans, apart from sex and wealth, and who wouldn't want to track weight progress? I'm afraid this is a deal killer for me. I'll have to look for a program that does track progress with physical weight goals.

  • This really needs to be fixed. Changing FTP should only change future activities.  Having it recalculate old activities is destroying the history and changing the fitness graph.  This change should be made a priority. 


  • agree. Runkeeper does this brilliantly and is one of the reasons why I still run both and don upgrade to premium.

  • Has there been any recognition or progress on the FTP change issue? It shouldn't be that hard, digitally time stamp the FTP figures?
  • Runkeeper and Runtastic... both have this Feature. Please add this also to Strava.

  • This is somewhat a critical issue, no?
    Else the fitness and freshnes charts, that people are paying for, are not that useful.

    Really suprised this isn't part of the package already.

  • Just made a ticket, and I can"t believe for the life of me that this issue is already pending since 2013. Using a powermeter since 6 weeks and now with my new ftp setting just encountered this bug.

    One would think that with such a large user base, over such a period of time, they would have rushed this immediately.

    But, only 13 people ( now 14 ) bothered to comment about this ( 35 thumbs upped it ). Of all the users. That makes me think that I am the fool for being a premium member :)


    cancelling premium now, gonna subscribe to trainingpeaks, and for the trial of cycling analytics, to take my training to the next level, and basically let strava be my sports facebook :D  take care y'all

  • come on strava! this is already pathetic.

  • I am trying the Premium features and I am a power meter user.

    I like the fitness fatigue page but the main problem is that the values aren't calculated from an historic FTP database. I you just setup a single FTP value all the information are useless.

    It is mandatory that this kind of feature includes historical Ftp data and calculate parameters form those data.

    And if you want a precise watt/kg value historical personal weight data must be integrated.

    So for powermeter users at the moment this feature is useless

  • I think this is a realy important issue!

    The power zone distribution is a feature that I use frequently. However, it is totally wrong without historic ftp values. Training load and the fitness graph are wrong as well. All these are premium features. So I hope Strava fixes this very soon!

  • I think strava is more concerned about telling us where there is a nice cafe to stop at, which is fine and well.  i dont see it going down the actual useful information route any time soon which is a shame but i have drastically reduced my expectations of strava and learned to love it again despite all its dumb flaws.

  • Having taken a look at the other topics it seems most people are only concerned about segment parameters. I want to see only road bikes with pink streamers, ridden solo by people called Rumpelstiltskin born in 1973. </rant>

    I'm fairly certain there are other services where I could be spending my sub instead. Trainer Road? 

  • I would like to have a daily record metric, specifically weight and resting heart rate.

  • I just see when updating my FTP that there is no history... And my fitness chart is totally wrong, my power zones too...
    It's a big issue, I can't beleive it's true, and wondering why I continue to pay for premium member...
  • +1

  • +1 for tracking weight, syncing WiFi scale data and update of W/Kg

  • I agree.

    Every time I change my FTP, Strava recalculates all past training load, and changes Fitness & Freshness curve.  This shouldn't be done!  Training load of my ride a month ago should be calculated using my FTP at that time!

    I suggest every ride activity should remember FTP and weight at that time.

  • Yawn... still waiting

  • It's a massive flaw that changing FTP changes your entire set of previous workout stats and skews the fitness and freshness chart.

    Strava employees, if you're reading this... you are losing out on revenue because of this. Take my own use-case. I want to be able to look at previous seasons and know that the numbers are reflective of my training efforts. As such, I don't have Strava Premium, and I use GoldenCheetah. 

    If you changed this one bug, I'd be a paying member. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • The power curve at least shows W/kg for the weight Strava had on the day of the activity.

  • I'm not so sure this is a bug or it just doesn't work how you expect it to.

    I am mainly looking at my fitness figure as a trend. so if 6months ago my ftp was 200 I go on many rides and average 195 watts my fitness figure will go high say it reached 100.

    Now say my ftp is 300 I go on lots of rides and average 220watts my fitness figure will probably be less than 100 but I am actually fitter than 6 months ago.

    In the above example (it is just an example) by strava recalculating history I can see visually from the graph (ignoring numbers) that I am fitter.

    Conversely on TraingPeaks doesn't recalculate history so when I increase my ftp it looks like my fitness has dropped when looking at the graph because whilst I may be averaging a higher wattage my Training Stress scores will be lower.

    I am currently using both Strava & TrainingPeaks I would like to stop paying for one of them but I like certain aspects of both and regarding the above example I'm not sure which is right or wrong but just different. 

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