Allow Strava's record screen to stay on without auto-locking

I was wondering if there's a simple way to set up Strava so that my iPhone recognises that it's running in the foreground and as a result over-rides the auto-lock feature. I'm aware that you can manually set the auto-lock to "never", but for obvious reasons it'd be nice if I didn't have to do it that way.



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    Completed, see the settings menu from the record screen on the Strava mobile app.

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  • Indeed.  It's kinda useless on a bike without this feature.

  • This is actually only one very small line of code to do. And I agree it is worth adding, especially when cycling.
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    and still waiting for any response...

  • After trying Strava, coming from runkeeper, It's the thing I would miss the most. It's no good recording current speed and distance if you can't see it.

    Please get this fixed ASAP
  • This is really embarrasing for the Strave dev team.  Simple code.

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  • looking at a quadlockcase for cycling and because I use my phone for personal and business purposes my auto-lock option "never' is disabled.  So would be pointless.  

  • Endomondo does it.  I have a lock on my phone but this still runs, so I have this as my display.  Strava runs in the background. 

  • I also use Endomondo just because the screen does not lock. Do we have any explanation from Strava why they do not add the feature???
  • I would also love having this option. Meanwhile, I use a workaround by operating additional App, which has the option to prevent the iPhone going for Auto-lock (such as Sports-Tracker or Waze). I will use the Starva alone after this feature will be added - hopefully, soon!

  • +4 (three for my riding mates looking at this with me, and one for myself)
  • +1 for Android too

  • Is there any update on this from Strava?

    On a side note there is an Android App called Stay Alive! that will allow you to force screen always on on for a period of time or when specific apps are running. Real easy to use.

    Hopefully that will be of some help to those on Android while we wait.  

  • +2 for Android!!!

  • This functionality is seriously needed, using two apps is cumbersome.

    All that is needed is a single line of code (iOS) in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions on the record view controller;

    [[UIApplication shareApplication] setIdleTimerDisables: Yes];

  • *setIdleTimerDisabled

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  • +1 fir Android please!

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  • I guess if you only do short rides or have amazing battery life.... I don't understand the need to keep your screen on all the time.  Use a small, inexpensive bike computer for instant speed readout and odometer of the bike.  Have Strava running on the phone and keep it in your jersey or pants pocket.  MUCH easier on the battery.

  • A small inexpensive bike computer is a fine solution if you also want to buy and install a small inexpensive speed/cadence sensor, and another small inexpensive speed/cadence sensor if you have more than one bike, and then a third removable/mobile speed/cadence sensor if you travel and go for bike rides.  Or Strava can write a few lines of code and bring their app up to speed with the competition.

  • I'll make it easy for the strava team.. here's the one line of code they need to add when the record button is pressed:

    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setIdleTimerDisabled:YES];

    That's all they need to add!

    If people are concerned about battery life then this doesn't stop you turning off the screen by pressing the power button.

  • +1 on this.  Please incorporate - all other stopwatch/running/cycling apps have the screen lock disabled.  For phones where disabling screen lock is not possible, this makes all the features on the Strava screen (speed, time, splits) totally pointless.

  • +1, my iphone is password protected and as soon as it is in stand-by i have to re-type my password, this is simply not possible when riding my bike.

    an option "auto-lock" yes/no would be really appreciated. 

  • A good compromise would be to have strava behave as one of those apps that occupy the locked screen. For example, in Android when you're listing to music with Google Music and the screen locks up, Google music will show a widget on the lock screen where you have access to common controls and information. Having strava do that would be awesome

  • Android lock screen would be a good compromise, but disabling screen lock so that the phone functions as a head unit would best.

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