Include other Activity Types in Profile Stats besides Cycling/Running

I went for a back country ski. I would like to have it show up as part or my exercise and workout  schedule because its motivating to see it there and I can compare winter and summer routines. My heart rate was at a training rate - up to 170 bpm - and we went as hard as we might on a ride or a run. It 'doesn't count' toward my fitness motivational charts as is. This is a request to allow us to determine if we want a workout to count toward our training. As it is only rides and runs count. I think it would be as easy as a box to check - self determination of 'workout' status. I would then include SUP, backcountry ski trips, hikes and other intense physical activities.



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    We've just updated the profile stats widget to display all activity types. Let us know what you think. 

  • I had sent the following to Strava, but they are recommending I post here as well:

    The breakdown for activities within the training log doesn't make sense.
    The explanation states that if I select "bike", all other activities become "cross training". If I select "run", then everything that's not a run is a "cross training".

    What I'm most interested in is why, when I select "multi-sport" does it list bike, run and swim... but hide all other activities. Why not show them? At least as "cross training", the way you do everything else?

    If my 4 primary activities that I record to Strava are: bike, run, swim, alpine ski. Then the training log becomes a diminished feature that I have to ignore if every time I examine it, the skiing activities (and anything else) are completely hidden and it reports "rest", which is inaccurate.

    Please have the training log show EVERY activity logged. Don't hide anything. It's misleading.

    Thank you!


  • I agree I do a lot of cross training and find it quite irritating that the training log feature limits you to run, bike, and multisport. I would really appreciate it if either in a seperate tab or below the totals in the other tabs it would calcuate the XT workout time/distance that has been completed that week. It seems strange that I need to calcuate this manually given all the other Data you provide. Thanks for thinking about adding this feature for those of us whose training lives don't fit neatly into the running, biking and multisport worlds.

  • I agree. Given that I now live in Reykjavik Iceland after living eight years in California, a significant amount of my training is indoors.  Although represented as XT on the training calendar, the hours that I am training indoors are not counted in my totals. 

  • It's very frustrating that Strava includes a specific activity type ("Backcountry Ski"), but does not support it in any way other than that.  Like Michael Brown above, I recently went for a backcountry tour of about four hours, of which about three hours in total were moving uphill at comparable power output to running and cycling.  To my surprise, this activity shows up in my training history as "rest", which is ridiculous!  Instead, this should show up as cross-training, or something similar 

    Ideally, Strava should be able to pull out the climbing sections (not hard, since backcountry ski elevation profiles are big, distinct sawtooths).  Then the time spent climbing should be added to the total hours of training for the week, the vertical climbed should be added to vert totals.

    Maybe for "unsupported" activity types like this, the activity page should provide checkboxes to say whether or not the user wants to include metrics in their training totals.   For backcountry skiing, I don't know that distance would be comparable to anything else, but hours climbing, vert, HR data should certainly count.

  • It seems odd to me that other activity types are't included or more robustly supported on Strava.  No one wants to put rubber (shoes/tires) to road all the time.

  • They started as a biking and running site, so I can understand that they accept many other sports coming into the system, but haven't robustly built out the detailed analysis yet.  You'd imagine at the very least they would show the gps (if there) and show laps... so it's a bit shocking that they don't just render any data that is contained within the file.

    I just still cannot get over that they even thought it OK to label a day as "rest" on their new training log when there is an activity on the day.  a "REST" day should only exist if no files what-so-ever exist for the day... they should at least properly mark it that something happened, even just labeled as cross-training, and the duration/distance if available.  It's just so silly!

  • I like the suggestion from "wait 4 me". I do a lot of biking, kickbiking and walking and want to seperate it in the profiles overview so i know exactly what amount of km i ran, walk, kickbike etc.

    Now only running and cycling is there...why not extend it with other sports or display only the sports which are used ???

  • Another vote for a more robust choice of activities.   Really limits the use of Strava.  I do biking and walking mainly as I can no longer run.

  • We're on the brink of adding a lot more tags for all sorts of activities outside of cycling and running. What may be slower to come is the inclusion of these other activity types in the profile stats section or training log. However, your voices are being heard so we really appreciate the feedback! 

  • Hey,

    As I am new Strava user and thinking wether to get premium, I feel that all activities should be listed in Activity feed as well in Training log. To be honest, current way of viewing training is bit silly...

  • I would also like to see the amount of km's of my runs, rides and totals on the profile page.


    I hope they'll add these options soon.


  • Hey,

    I would really want to see these non-triathlon sport types supported in the Training Log view.

  • I have to admit to some embarrassment, but my wife and I walk our dog as a primary exercise.  Using Strava we keep a track of total distance and so on, but have to record things as (slow) runs rather than walks.   Please consider treating WALK as another activity that can be plotted and treated as another exercise.

    Pete is a Collie / Huntaway cross and has an immense appetite for exercise, so two hours walking a day is not exceptional.

  • Thanks Ellie, I would also appreciate my hours for workouts and swims to appear on the training log, calendar and athlete profile.
  • Here's another request to please add other activities like hiking and walking... I want one calendar view for everything!  :-)

  • Another vote for adding walking (and other activity types) in the Activity Summary.

  • Yes, please cover walking in the Training Log. Whether you are a cyclist, runner or triathlete, you too may become injured and find walking becomes a major part of your rehab. As a trail runner who went through hip replacement rehab to recently finish a 40k mountain race I was disappointed with Strava's lack of flexibility on this front. Great app though, all power to you and keep up the development!

  • Another vote for walking stats.  I don't want to make my walks into runs to see the stats.

  • I am a cyclist as well as a competitive inline skater, and my skating does not record in my weekly totals! This is really annoying. I'm calling my skating workouts runs. Of course now I have all the CRs if I skate on a segment where people run. So I'm flagging myself. I can't think of another way around it. Possibly add "OTHER" as a category. Cycling, running, other so people can put their other training and have it count.

  • Totally support this enhancement. It's very frustrating to walk/hike and not see these in the total as well. Shame Strava doesn't publish a product development roadmap. We always have the features for our next 2 or 3 releases identified and published to give customers some idea what's coming. See they are thinking about this. Hopefully they can see there way to doing this in the future.

  • Yet another vote for the inclusion of walking and other activities!

  • FIRST COMMENT on ANY website in 3 years. YES, three years. I must agree with this of adding Walking and the other exercises I do. Stairs at the stadium, roller skating, soccer. I understand that strava BEGAN a cycling and running site, but there must be a way to have the calender be "filtered" to show certain activities ONLY for those riding/running enthusiast. I GET THAT. They do not want other stuff mixed in or to clutter, per say, the training log. This is where maybe filters can by chosen what to show on the log, so the hard core cyclist/runners can be happy and your ever growing other members can be happy. I actually googled "STRAVA TRAINING LOG WALKING" and to my disappointment, this was the first result. My bike broke and I have been walking ALOT mostly and some minor jogging sprinkled in every week for past . I have lost 19 pounds primarily walking. I am using this app more and would like to go premium. My bike is in shop and last thing I want to do is use separate apps to log separate exercise routines on a calendar. Even if you make as an in app purchase, it would be worth it to me. PLEASE PLEASE, if there are any updates eta on this or some way to do this that we do not know, then let us know. Strava app is great. 

  • I was looking at How does this section work? Does this area show weekly stats for ALL exercises in a lump sum or ONLY running/cycling or can I filter out what areas to show as my weekly stats. Let's say, one week or month, I want to focus on a specific type of cardio, then it would be nice to over time, to see each months WEEKLY activities and have an idea which ones I benefit from more or happen to do more. Trying to have variety helps alot. Will these charts in premium achieve what I want in this app?

  • yes.  would be great for strava to include the info from "workouts" in the stats summary in the profile portion of the app.  right now only sums up stats from run and cycle.

  • It would be good if you could pick activities other than cycling and running to show (with new colors) in the profile overview. I want my winter weight training to show, and to be included in the hours.

  • I would like to see my progress for walking please add to this app.. asap please....I noticed i'm not the only one that would like to see this please update :)

  • Yes please support other activities. Most athletes who live in cold climates do other things in the winter and would like to track them.
  • I would also like to see this.

  • Yes! have the training log show EVERY activity! Or you could have the option that the user chooses which activities are shown. There are plenty of colors!

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