Manually Enter Cadence and Heart Rate data to an existing Strava Activity

I have a Bontrager Node 2 that calculates cadence and heart rate, tells me temperature too. Why cant I manually enter this data into my rides? I use my phone to access Strava for all other measurements. I cant justify investing in another device to add this data to Strava, if Strava allowed me to enter the average cadence and heart rate numbers at the end of the ride it would be perfect. Greg



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  • I to would like to add my average cadence


  • I second that! It would be nice if one could input more data. I'm using a Suunto t3 and an older Tacx Grand Exel so I have plethora of data I'd like to incorporate, such as accurate energy expenditure, effort level, heart rate, cadence and power.
  • +1 for manual heart rate info (even just avg. Would be good)
  • I am definitely in favour of manual heart rate entry. I am not going to prolong my premium account without it as it looses sense for me. Keeping track of heart rate is essencial for me.
  • +1 here. Fully agree : it should be possible to add distance, cadence,... Manually
  • As long as Android app does not support ANT+ sensors it should be allowed to enter cadence and HR data manually

  • I wonder what the real reason is that Strava doesn't support this. If it were available I would buy Premium immediately. I cant be the only one to think that. 

  • +1 for manually entering distance on trainer rides. Without it, I can't see any accurate trending. 

  • +1 this should be possible. It is essential to be able to keep track of your heatrate

  • +1 for adding distance to indoor/treadmill runs. Seems obvious, surprised we can't.

  • Please!
  • +1 when traveling I can ride on a hotel stationary trainer and gather HR data with my Garmin but I want to enter a manual distance.

  • Again, another vote/comment thing but with no action or response given. What is taking so long to add a manual input option on an already uploaded activity?

  • Please add the capability to manually add rides to Strava.

  • Would also like to be able to manually add the distance cycled similar to how it can be edited on Garmin Connect

  • I would like to be able to manually type in an estimated distance for spinning classes (I record heart rate with a Garmin).
    It would be nice to be able to sum up the kilometers for the year even though some of them are estimated spinning bike kilometers.

  • Apparently, we are requesting the impossible even though Strava's competitors (Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Daily Mile) have figured this out long ago. There is no love from Strava. 

  • +1 here. I want to be free to manual entry the race distance on a tapis roulant. HR by Garmin 510.

  • +1 For cycling this may be hard to do, but on the treadmill, while wearing a heart rate monitor, could you have a function that allows you to tap a button (like a split function on a watch) for each mile or even half mile? It would be manual, yes, but if the time is being recorded this would give you splits, match it to the heart rate for that split, and give you total distance during the run. The same could be done for cycling, but it would probably be just as well to enter the total time of the training workout and get an average speed.  Thanks for considering.

  • +1
  • my hr monitor works fine.  i want to manually add distance to stationary bike rides.   

  • There's a separate post for that here, Manually add Distance for an Indoor/Stationary Activity

  • +1

  • +1

  • I much prefer the data from my Polar HRM and would also like to manually enter this to an activity.

  • This should be a standard feature.  I would like the ability to add additional information (heart rate, cadence, watts) to my manual entries and to existing entries.  It's hard to track training with so many missing data points.

  • Think about it though... wouldn't that make it way easier for people to fudge upload data?  I've wanted to do stuff like that too for example when my Powertap records HR data but Strava on my iPhone did not... however it would mean allowing the upload of files which can be easily edited, no?

  • Just like Graham Pinkney I also use a Polar HRM unit, and would like to add the HRM file to my activity.

    And... Yes you can cheat... You can always cheat , so that is no reason for not having the possibility.

  • I guess that would depend on whether or not Strava feels it would impact the competitive nature of their app which in my observations and discussions with other weekend warriors is a major aspect of the product. "oh damn Jim beat me on the killer hill this week", that kind of motivator. If everyone is fudging numbers for segments and performance why use it? I think that is where a line is drawn between a fun product that is "fairly accurate" and a product that is for fitness development. If you want it only for accuracy and personal development I never use strava, I use WKO+. In fact as I mentioned I use both. I too wish it would just work properly so we could use one product.
  • David, my main gripe is that I can't add distance to an uploaded activity of a treadmill/ indoor trainer activity.
    There will always be a way to cheat even now. I can ride my bike and claim its a run segment or I could drive my car and claim its a bike ride. My biggest frustration is Strava's lack of communication in this discussion. I've begged them to acknowledge our wishes but it seems to fall of deaf ears. I'm beginning to doubt there's anyone on the other side of Strava.

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