Attach a Route (map) when entering a 'Manual Entry'

It is really frustrating when a device destroys your data!!! In my case an 18 hour ride and nothing to show for it.

What do we do .. only solution at the moment is to add a Manual Entry.

Currently there is no image of the route taken when adding a 'Manual Entry'.

If we could import a route (gpx or  select one of 'My Routes') it would greatly enhance the entry.

Note: no time data would be available from the file ... that is expected.



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  • I think it is obvious that Strava does not even care enough about this request to address.  However, in case anyone from Strava DOES ever get around to reading these comments I just want it to be on the record that I added a comment to this thread over a year and a half ago.  I recently, after much frustration, decided to quit using Strava altogether for this very reason.  There were just too many times where I either lost data for one reason or another or I just didn't want to bring a device with me.  Not being able to record my activity after the fact finally drove me to just use another product.  Sure I miss some features of Strava, but Strava just isn't worth the frustration anymore.  Terribly poor customer service in this case also to just ignore all of these comments.

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  • I can offer a service to upload a route with a map

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  • Hi,


    Any news regarding this feature?

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