Improve Strava's Bulk Export of Activity history

As a Strava user, I would like to batch export my activites as in files containing relevant data so that I can retain a full backup of all my activities.
A proper backup of activities should include at least: 
1) Activity name
2) Activity description
3) Time
4) GPS coordinates
5) Heart rate
6) Power
7) Cadence
8) Type of activity
Strava's gpx files lack 2 and 6, while Strava's tcx files lack 1 and 2.
Therefore, can Strava either improve the current batch gpx export or build a new export feature which includes the data mentioned above?


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  • Strava does a great job providing meaningful sorts of the "big data" aspects of training, but ultimately you will not be able to keep up with all of the variations and nuances that people might like to see.  Some sort of CSV export that allows us to export data for plotting trends, etc...would be great.

    As stated above, I think some kind of activity page sort/search that limits the list then allows for export to see for example average speed on the same ride over time.  Of course, I end up training and riding the same rides over and over again just do to life constraints.  It would be great to see average heart rate (hopefully going down), average speed (hopefully going up), power output, etc....over time over the same courses.  A simple CSV type export that would allow me to sort/plot the data would be great!!

    Thanks for taking the time to read!!

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  • Yes, but include all common ride properties, start date/time, ride time, distance, elevation gain, calories burned, average and max speed, average and max cadence, equipment; and that way we can slice and dice the information any way we like.

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  • I would like to add at least the bike that I used for the ride.  Looking at the GPX schema, this can be added in the Extensions element in the Metadata section.

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  • Strava's gpx lacks 8 as well.

    I would love to have a complete gpx with ALL the points you mentioned plus: 

    9) the gear used for the ride
    10) author name

    The rest of data Brian mentioned can be calculated afterwards (I am planning to write my own scripts).

    BTW: you can download a json which is the original file uploaded to strava by adding /export_original to the URL of your activity. Too bad there isn't a bulk export for the original files...
    So the options are:

    A) download all your activities in a limited gpx
    B) download one by one complete json :P

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