Create Age Groups in 5 year brackets for Segment Leaderboard Filters

I just joined premium to see whre I stood in my age group but 10 year age groups is no use.

this function would be more beneficial if age groups were in 5 year age brackets to reflect state national and international age groups



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  • I agree with most of the above re 5 yr age groups - especially for the over 40's.  If Elle's response above is correct I think that is a copout on Strava's part (i.e. not to implement it) - how hard can it be?

    I also note that it seems if any results are uploaded to Strava prior to entering your birth date into your profile then they do not show up in the rankings by age.  This suggests to me that your age is not being applied dynamically nor retrospectively but rather it is being saved with the uploaded data and processed from there into the rankings/leaderboards displayed. 

    Is that more or less correct Strava???

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  • We now have 5 yr age groups with the significant exception of 55-64. Peculiar and needs changing.

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