Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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    Hi Everyone,

    You now have the ability to hide your heart rate on an activity. You'll find this setting in any activity that recorded heart rate. Click Edit (pencil icon), and click in the box next to "Hide Heart Rate." 

    This permission hides heart rate from others while allowing you to continue to see it. 

  • Real power from a power meter or the Strava algorithm that gives you +30-40% ;-)

  • I'm not sure what you are saying Mick?  Are you assuming that the OP doesn't have a power meter ?  I have a power meter and I would like an option to hide my power data as well, I would prefer that I'm the only one that sees my power data during training rides / interval sessions but would be okay with group rides and such to be displayed for bragging rights.   

  • I have a power meter and would just like to be able to hide that data from display to others if I chose to.

  • Yeah Andy, that's what I assumed you were talking about.  I'm not sure what Mick was trying to say.   

  • I've seen lots of requests to hide different features of Strava but I can't recall when they have done it.  My point was if you didn't have a power meter then what does it matter if anyone can see your data since it would just be the Strava algorithmic power which is not anywhere near reality.  Since you do have a power meter I can understand some people's urge to hide it but really what is the point?  If you are in a race and you get dropped are you going to go hide so no one knows you have been dropped?  I find it a handy feature to be able to say ok, here is the KOM and look he's making 1200 watts for 2 minutes, hmm, must be Strava doping, flag him.  Or if I'm hunting down a Strava segment I can look and see how much power would be required to get in the top ten and use that as a workout goal.  There are lots of good uses to see people's power data, I'd really hate to see people hiding that.  It is bad enough when people post rides without HR data, I want to see something to back up their effort.



  • I just don't want my brother to see that I have a power meter...  :-)

  • Ah, ok that totally makes sense ;-)

  • I'd like to hide power as well, but be able to share with coach or small group/team

  • I would certainly appreciate the options to hide Power Data and HR data.  If doing a "race recon" ride, and even a race, it is of the benefit of the racer to hide such data if they choose to do so.

  • Yes, give us the ability to hide the power settings. Trying to find the sense in paying for premium and not having the ability to Hide certain data which other training sites offer.   

  • +1 for having the ability to zero/hide HR and Power Data

  • I would also like to hide power and HR data if I choose to

  • I would like this also please , lets make this happen

  • +1 on hiding data info 

  • +1 add hide button for all the ftp test and races.

  • PEDs?

  • So are the features to hide HR and Power data that is only available to 'PROs' are available now for us 'PREMIUM' members? People are requesting for it why STRAVA is not listening?

  • Kevin, How does that hide the power fit file? We do not want to manipulate the file or change the data.

  • Right, this isn't about having a 3rd party tool to manipulate data.   It would simply be nice to have a little checkbox to "hide xyz data to the public"

  • Keep in mind that this tool generates a brand new file -- but with power (or any field) removed. That said, I get the point that it would be great to have this feature in Strava. That's why I implemented the 3rd party tool. Feel free to use (or not use!) until Strava provides field hiding. Thanks!

  • Thanks Kevin, not all trying to downplay your work :) It's definitely appreciated, and considering most of us upload to 23543242 sites as it is, ie... garmin, strava, runkeeper, ridewithgps etc. etc... whatever else people upload to lol.... what's another step really?  

  • I know it! Have you checked out any of these sites? Maybe I should work with them make field hiding an automated part of the workflow?

  • Great tool, but same can be done with Golden Cheetah, problems is that I would like to see my power data on Strava, that is the only reason I'm using strava, but I would like to eg block all my FTP tests on it.

  • Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic, and Kevin thanks for linking your tool. 

    I think this is a reasonable feature enhancement request, and I'm going to put this on the list for consideration by our developers. We'll have to wait and see what happens, as I'm not able to determine if we can fit it in in the near future.

    Keep clicking the "Me Too" button at the top! 

  • the hide option...

  • Until a 'hide HR' feature becomes available I've downgraded from premium to regular account. There's no real benefit being a premium member otherwise. Please let me know once this feature has been implemented.

  • Would be great to see us get access to the ability to hide Power and HR data via the privacy settings.

  • I have a few activities where my heart rate monitor recorded bogus data - it would be good to be able to delete or hide that bogus data.

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