Hashtags for Strava Activities and easy categorization/search

It is really frustrating trying to comb through a plethora of rides to find one particular ride that I would like to re-do, or maybe integrate into a new route to plan. Or even just looking up previous rides that I remember as being fairly hard/fast/easy and wanting to recheck the data from it. "When was that again? Uhhh...sometime in the fall." The training log makes it a bit easier, but still doesn't get the job done as streamlined as it could.

If users could add hashtags or otherwise tag their rides (besides 'Commute' and 'Stationary Trainer'), it would be easy for users to search their own tags for rides with certain clubs, races, or even characteristics about the ride (specific hills, rest stops, etc.). That way, assuming that I tag the rides as I do them, it would be pretty easy to find them again by searching my own tags. No more manual searching.

The tagging system could work site-wide (adding to a pool of rides by all Strava users), but it might be easier on the servers, and a bit more private, to have the tags function only within each user's history of rides.



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  • I've wanted this for a long time. Benefits:

    • improve the exploring of activities and routes
    • allow comparison of similar weather conditions, ride characteristics, etc.
    • flexibility - twitter style text based hashtags, is another dataset that can be used in Strava Metro or other big data related projects Strava has happening.

    Just take anything in the title with a twitter style hashtag, and make it into a tag against that activity or route (then maybe strip it out of the title to reduce clutter). Alternatively, have a separate text field for hashtags only.


    Activity conditions: #hot #humid #raining #snowing #headwind #paceline #crit #hard #easy #puncture #fartlek #intervals

    Route characteristics: #scenic #trail #wilderness #urban #singletrack #horscatégorie

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  • This is a really fun idea CJ and Luke. Thanks for sharing your comments.

    We are starting a project to redesign how search works on Strava with people and activities. This would definitely be something to consider. 

    Please share this suggestion with your Strava friends to get a few more votes for this feature! 

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  • Totally need this feature. I had the idea, then tested it: I ride with different people all the time (because I'm pretty awesome), so I would like to search for rides with "Bob." So I added '#bob' to my ride Description, then tried searching for that ride, using 'bob' and '#bob'. 

    Didn't work. 

    It should work.

    As it stands, the Description field is like my appendix--useless. If I can't get to that particular ride, the Description is a worthless appendage that appeases no one. 

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  • Thanks Elle, I would definitely  be interested in this!

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  • This is dearly needed, it's nearly impossible to search through all my races or all my rides from a holiday etc.

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  • I am searching for a specific keyword in the 'Description' field.  The search under 'My Activities' does not pick it up correctly, 

    Any pointers of how to effect this please?



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