Voting for Segments to determine quality

I love how each and every individual can make their own segment. But I see more and more redundant segments but with the slightest of variation. If the users could vote "like"  on a segment they enjoy and makes sense or "clear" for a segment they think is redundant, dangerous, illegal, private property, ect. And maybe a comment/ discription with their vote.  It would be clear which segments could be removed, cleaning up the segment page some.



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  • Thanks for the idea Jason! 

    Our starred segments feature works a bit like this already - the more users that Star a Segment, the higher the segment gets rated by Strava in popularity. Popular segments display on a ride page by default, and unpopular segments are hidden on the ride page by default. 

    Also, any segment that you star will automatically display on the activity - regardless of if it is hidden by default for other users. 

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  • I think this idea should be revisited.  Some routes have too many segments and it is hard to identify which is the most important segment.  Using a voting technique some of these unloved segments could eventually be deleted.  This would hopefully make it quicker, easier and cheaper for Strava to maintain and improve user experience.  Similar to how a lot of segments on Zwift were purged/hidden.

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  • WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE YET?! We all love the segments but pointless and bad segments are getting to be a big problem. It could also be broken down to a 5 star rating system and you can sort segments on explore by quality. Segments with 1 star ratings for 6 months can be deleted.

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