Colour-code segments depending on performance and popularity

First suggestion: Today all segments appear red in explore/segments. How about giving them a different colour depending on the users performance on that segment e.g. gold, silver, bronze for a first, second or third place? 

Second suggestion: Why not use the thickness of the line marking the segment to express how popular the segment is (i.e. how many times it has been ridden)?



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  • Great idea. Allowing filtering on these criteria would also be useful. Another suggestion would be date of creation, which would allow one to see segments recently created.

    Finding segments on the map is difficult when there are lot in the same area - I have run some segments that I cannot see in explore because they are not popular enough to be displayed when zooming in, as other more popular ones take precedence. Particularly problematic with long segments where zooming in is not an option as the segment doesn't fit.

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  • or colour coding based on height gain/loss or incline.

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  • That's a great idea. As you say Gold/ Silver/Bronze for top times but why not colour code the others in terms of the leader board. If in the top 10% the segment name is Red, the top 25% Blue, the top 50 % Green, the bottom 50% then white as currently on the app or black as on the website. This way as you scan down the segments you can see roughly where you sit without having to go into each one to see how well you have done.


    Likewise you could indicate roughly how many people have ridden/ run the segment by changing the thickness/ density of the colour- the darker the more times are recorded, the more valid the result is, or say underline the segment name if more than 1000 people have recorded a time. Alternatively you could have a series of stars by the segment name with a number in no number= less than 100 times record; 1=100-199 times recorded; 2=200-299 etc. This gives a quick visual feel to the popularity of  a segment.

    I live in a quiet rural area and have lots of KOM/CR's because there are relatively few people out here trying the segments. If you live in a city or popular area then getting a CR/KOM when 1000 others have had a go is far more impressive. 

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