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The latest idea I'm thinking of recently circles around a "Strava Experience"
Most of us had dreams of becoming a Pro athlete when we were younger and while I'm climbing local hills,I still sometime picture myself climbing Alpe d'Huez or Angliru..etc
This really helps me to push even further and this could be something that Strava develops.
for example...let's says I'm on Old La Honda.
Strava knows every segment and inch of this climb already.
Then we add the commentary of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen (or whoever) as I climb and pass some other competitors .
We could use their voice much in the same way that a GPS in a car tells you where you are.
The audio would come through our smartphone.
I know its pretty raw right now but Strava already has all the data and with refinement, this could make an addition to Strava's feature set.
I know I'd subscribe to this.
Most Strava users are already very motivated but adding an near real Experience level to the ride/run will take it to the next level



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  • To add context to my suggestion above.

    Imagine I have 3K to go on Old la Honda and then I hear the following from Phil Liggett

    "<Meade> has <3K> to go and he needs to really up his pace as he approaches <Martinez Road>

    Within <> are just placeholders and can easily be mapped to your current activity.

    This feature would make me fly :)


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