Create more Tags and workout types for Rides

Currently, the only tags you can add to a ride are 'commute' and 'stationary trainer'. It would be nice to have the ability to create custom tags. Custom tags, such as 'Intervals', 'Long Ride', 'Hill Repeats', etc.. will allow users to use whatever terms they wish to group their rides for ease of review later on.



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    We now have the addition of three Ride tags:

    • Ride
    • Race 
    • Workout

    You can find these options under the menu for editing a ride. Thanks and let us know what you think, and what other ride tags you'd like to see in the future. 

  • I would like one for Mountain Bike and Road Ride..Custom would be great!


  • +1
    Mtb and road at least would be great
  • +1 for more categories. TT, race, training, commute, road, mtb, touring, utiility etc

    +2 for custom if possible!


  • I wish Strava support would do a better job of merging all these ideas/tickets. There are at least two other similar ones that all ask for a variety of race tags, each of which are commented on to upvote different ideas. says "thanks but go here and upvote" for which says "thanks but go here and upvote" which brings you here.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I know it's not an ideal system, but it's my attempt to organize the Feature Suggestion area of our Community forums and avoid duplicates. I hope that this topic serves as the main feature idea, and the others link here (my intention). Because I've closed the comment sections on the other posts (instead of simply deleting them), I hope that Strava users find their way here to share their requests for workout tags that they want to see on Strava.

    Keep the feedback coming! 

  • Thanks Elle! Would it possible for you to Merge them? Not sure if these are considered "tickets" or not but I know Zendesk has options for that. That would be my preference.

  • You're correct that Zendesk has a feature for merging support tickets, but a similar feature does not exist for the Forums! 

  • I thought that might be the case. Thanks!

  • Even if only MTB, Road and Race (same as running)

  • +1 for "Race". How many months does it take to make this change? People have been requesting it for half a year already.
  • Thanks Chris! We're talking about adding more ride types currently, with a focus on figuring our a solution for mountain bike rides. 

  • Types: Race, commute, train, turbo

    Discipline: road, mtb, cyclocross

  • Would be really nice to be able to tag "trail" and "single track". thanks! (Single track for running and mountain biking.)

  • 'Race' demarkation should be an option for many different activity types beyond just run - some people participate in swim races and bike races, even windsurfing races, as well!

  • How much effort could it take to add 'training' as a ride type?  'Commute' and 'Stationary Trainer' are awfully specific, and don't apply to MOST rides.  OCD kills me EVERY time I log a ride.

  • And while we're at it, swim races too - us triathletes do a lot of crazy stuff in training season, and enter a lot of fun race types :)

  • +1 Race
  • Yes. +1 to "Race" for swim as well. We do have swim only races during training season in addition to the regular triathlon swim legs.

  • I'd love to see tags for Gran Fondo and Special Event (to cover charity rides, etc.).

  • +1 for MTB, Road and Race at a minimum. "Custom" would be great too for those of us with an "alternative" bike like an ElliptiGO.

  • Thanks for re directing me here Elie. It gives some hope that the improvement is in the pipeline especially if the hold up is to make sure the MTB solution is a good one. It just seems a very strange oversight for a company so obviously bike focussed. Why the designer would have prioritised the ability to tag a static bike ride over being able to separate a MTB ride from a road ride is somewhat perplexing and maybe indicative of web designers spending too much time in their offices and the gym? They need to get out more!  Looking forward to the improvement and thanks again.

  • Definitely would like either a Race or Sportive tag (for mass participation events that aren't quite races) added to the tags for bike rides, but I would want them to both have the same functionality as the Race tag does for a run, e.g. it flags that ride up as a different colour on your Training Log and uses Elapsed Time instead of Moving Time by default.

  • +1 Bike rides taggs!

  • "Race" for both ride and swim to cover triathlon races
  • Me too....I want to add the following tags: 

    - Rollers

    - Race

    - Train

    And I'd like to be able to tag for things beyond just ride type, for things like weather, and route characteristics: wind, rain, cold, hot, hills, flats, etc.

  • So 11 months later and there is absolutely no movement on this. Very very strange. I love Strava and as a free user I guess I have no reason to complain but if anyone in finance is listening there is no way I would consider upgrading to premium until this seemingly ridiculous situation where I can differentiate between a static bike and a moving bike but not between a mountain bike and a road bike has been sorted. 

  • +1 for  MTB

    +1 for Race

    +1 for Group Ride

      (considering riding which other cyclists not use strava)

  • Only just noticed the lack of tags for Rides and the impact.  Just uploaded an MTB race and found that it doesn't appear as a race in my training calendar like run races do.

    So, +1 for 'Race' tags and featuring them in the Calendar

    and, +1 for the MTB tag

  • Please add the ability for users to create custom tags. This would be a VERY useful feature!

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