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When activity is created, it is by default public. I have to go edit it to make it private. I would love the option to set it the other way around. So it would be by default private and public will be only those I explicitly choose to be.



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    To make all your activities private by default, go to your Strava Settings on -> Privacy -> Private Activities. You will see a checkbox to make all activities private. 

    Please note: This does not apply to your Strava mobile uploads. To make mobile uploads private, you'll need to use the lock icon on the upload screen. 

  • Hi,

    Me too!  I am automatically syncing activities from my new Garmin 810 through Tapiriik, but I end up posting garbage rides and commutes, spamming my Strava friends with junk activities.  I would like to make my new activities private by default so I can have a chance to decide which ones to make public and have a chance to properly name and edit them.

    -Donald Newladns

  • I would like this as well.

  • I'd really like this too! I just searched in the support section to see how to do it, looks like I can't yet.

  • My activities already are private by default, and I want it the other way around!  Anyone know of a way to specify the default setting yourself? Cheers.

  • Hi Beth - that is unusual. Most Strava uploads default to public. How do you upload to Strava and from what device? 

  • I'm also looking for the option to set my workouts to 'private' by default. I set all my indoor workouts to private, which lately is more than my outdoor workouts.

  • Same here. It'd be nice to find out if/how this is possible.

  • Agree with Donald. Now that the Garmin -> Strava automagic sync is officially supported it would be very nice to have the possiblity to set uploaded activities to private as default. 

  • As a long time Premium Strava user, I strongly request the option for this as well. The situation with auto uploading is horrible. I'm getting kudoses from people I've never seen before on rides I normally mark as private. Also, where have you hidden the review new activity page?

  • - found it by guessing the /new part. You might want to make it easier / more prominent to find now that all activities are public by default and uploaded as soon as you plug the Garmin into the computer.

  • Tapiriik will copy over the privacy setting that is set on the Garmin end.  If your new activities in Garmin are automatically being made private (or not) then voilà, solution!

    In the Garmin Dashboard, click your username (top right) --> Settings --> Privacy (on the left) --> "Who can see your new activities?"  If it's set to "only me" then it will be copied over as private, "everyone" will be public.  Now I'm fiddling with the "connections only" versus "everyone" to see how that works...

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for sharing all of your feedback! I can tell that this feature enhancement is hotly requested. I will be sure to put this on our radar. 

    The issue with the Garmin sync is that Garmin does not specify privacy settings when they send the data to Strava, so Strava has no way of knowing the user's activity privacy settings on Garmin. I'm glad that tapiriik has this ability. 

    @J Smith - the page to review new activities to Strava has been removed, but it seems you've found a way to still use it. Sorry for the hassle. 

  • @Elle -Thanks for the update! Please do NOT "fix" the new activities review page by removing that feature, at least before you sort out something better (it works perfectly fine to be honest - except for the fact that activities are public before I've had a chance to review).

    Since you've moved to the auto synch, there's currently no official way to review new uploads, so by and large the new Garmin synch is a massive downgrade as far as usability is concerned for those who value their privacy. Speaking as a senior software developer, I must admit I'm a bit flabbergasted as to how this slipped by your application designers. At the core of this is that I need to be able to put all new activities in a private "for review" holding state, so that I do not release it to the general public before I've been able to review them.

    Ideally you'd have a friends only + club only states as well, where you have private leaderboards relevant to classification of activity. Due to all the clutter, these days I for one am only using Strava now to track my own personal bests + bike and legs mileage. I have a very low level of care as to what time some stranger rides (or typically drives) a segment at.

  • Thanks J - I think you'll find that many Strava users agree with you regarding the clunkiness around the Garmin sync process (and how difficult it is to find the new uploads to review and edit). We are very aware of this feedback, and hope to do what we can with UI improvements to alleviate this. 

    Thanks for the additional feedback about segment privacy as well. 

  • Please add this!

  • Clearly Strava want to force the 'social' aspect by making activities always default to Public, and don't want to compromise that with this obvious enhancement. So we need to pressure Garmin to do whatever Tapiriik is doing right?

  • As a strava user who is getting back into exercising after a break / injury I found that strava's enforced publicity is actually a factor discouraging me from training. I am clearly sub par in my performances whilst getting back into the sports I love and find it all a bit embarrassing to have club mates reviewing and commenting my training progress (or as I call them 'the running police') - whether well intentioned or not. I don't want Kudos for plodding around 2 mins/mile slower than I used to be.

    I like the strava toolbox and features used to be a premium member. However the need to jump online immediately after plugging in my watch to manually make my training private has resulted in my letting my premium membership lapse and unhook my watch from linking to strava. If the default privacy option were available then I would still make some runs public and in time when I will be faster again I might be less concerned about it all again. 

    I think strava is great for those who are improving and those who are at the top of their game. However I think it can be a source of discomfort for under-performing and those getting back up to speed. 

    Please offer this option - even if only to premium members!

  • Strava, for your information I've let my Premium membership lapse, and I won't resubscribe unless you can be please look into our privacy settings.  

    In fact, I may just leave Strava altogheter. Not sure if you care, but I'm one of your first users who invited a crapload of others.


  • (Member since 11 March 2011 ... most of it as premium)

  • Same here. Stopped uploading my riding to Strava for a while because is too annoying to change manually all to private.

  • +1 for this. pretty please!

  • Ohhh come on please.....

    Should we wait one more year???

    Please.......  :-)


  • +1 for this. Come on Strava, it must be pretty easy to create an option to set all activities to private by default or to have to review an activity before it is public. Facebook has offered 'timeline review' for ages which requires approval before anything appears on your timeline.
  • +1, i would also very much appreciate this feature "Default to Private"


  • +1. This is an important feature that should be added

  • Private by default should have been obvious.  What a hassle to have to login and make a new ride private every time. 

  • Agree - need this feature to make activity private by default.  

  • I agree.

    Sadly, I am guessing that Strava is not very interested in this as it would probably negate a lot of the "social" features that the site is built upon...

  • No one is interested in my daily commutes.  I'm seconding Donald Newlands entire post.

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