Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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  • Please extend to running.

  • Still bummed that all the running I'm doing has no impact on the fitness and freshness graph. Put this feature back in the oven and finish baking it!

  • Is there any planning on when this could be implemented. Training peaks has this for running

  • So many premium features are just for cyclists, this needs to be adjusted to keep premium members here!

  • Dear Strava, please stop messing about and allow runs to count on the fitness graph. Then I can log my HIIT workouts as runs, which they are, instead of rides, which they aren't. The whole point of me dashing round the block doing HIIT is to improve my fitness so not seeing the results on the chart is kind of annoying. 

    This has been going on for TWO YEARS. You're getting exactly the same numbers, so surely you can calculate a training impulse for a run as well as a ride?

    I can't believe this doesn't come higher up your product backlog than faffing around with photos on the mobile app.

    I don't particularly mind logging HIIT workouts as rides because I'm not really a runner. If I was a real runner I'd have left you for Training Peaks ages ago.

  • This is pretty pathetic stuff from Strava. Leaving aside the fact it seems to be taking a ridiculous length of time to port over a feature that was written almost 2 years ago, the response on here is completely underwhelming.

    My premium renewal is up next month - if there isn't any response on this, will just go back to free version, and start considering alternatives for training performance. 

  • Hello - 

    We've held off on adding this feature for our run/triathlete members because there isn't enough compelling research that measuring fitness/fatigue using heart rate data and running pace is effective or accurate. We're not saying 'never', just providing some context to help you understand why we haven't added this feature yet. 


  • Not showing any effect from a hard run workout on the fitness/freshness at all is about as far from effective and accurate as you can get. Any impact on the graph at all would be helpful in gauging overall fitness/freshness. It could be an optional graph to use or not use...just saying.

  • Thanks for the reply Elle, but I personally think the lack of research to it is a lame excuse...We don't expect an algorithm that matches our actual fitness/fatigue exactly. There are always tons of factors that are not measurable with strava (illness, lack of sleep, ...), so it can never exactly match the reality for everyone. 

    But what I do not understand is that the same can be said for the cycling fitness/fatigue graph and there this does not seem to be a problem...


  • David and Tim, thanks for the tip.

    Sporttracks (Zonefive Software) has the capability Strava didn't mention they lack for runners when signing up here. Boasting features that's exclusive for cyclists as if they're usable by everyone is less than honest. Had I known, I never would have payed a cent.

    I'm out of here.

  • With all due respect that is a BS answer.

    1. How can you claim to care about accuracy when you have estimated power for cycling (That doesn't take wind or group size into consideration)

    2. According to this your calculation is based on something that was later adopted to cycling so it must work for other things too from before it was adopted.

    3. At least stop pretending that you are ever going to do this you have had years to do it. There is a big difference between "Not saying never" and "we hope to make this accessible to runners soon" so at least update the Strava Glossary entry for fitness to include your post. 



  • My comment above to was to Elle Anderson's explanation 4/6/2016

  • How is it fundamentally different than fitness/freshness with cycling pace and heart rate? Time spent at XX heart rate is time spent at XX heart rate...

  • Terrible answer Elle considering multiple other platforms do this. I, like most others, will not be renewing when my membership expires. This along with other issues like being able to clean up segments with bad data that no one can possibly ride to flag or hide show little care for the end customer experience.

  • I was really disappointed when I found this feature didn't cover running as well. I'll go with a Training Peaks subscription next time :(

  • This sounds appealing!

  • I've just cancelled my premium membership over this issue, as much as I love strava for everything else. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be doing so.

    Not measuring it at all is surely the most inaccurate method. Why not implement with a little disclaimer? I mean everyone takes the fitness/freshness graphs with a pinch of salt anyway.

    I don't want to run a marathon and have strava tell me I'm as fresh as a daisy thank you very much!

    I can analyse my heart rate data directly from the TomTom app before my watch syncs with strava so there's literally nothing in premium worth paying for without this feature (even the heatmap can be generated using 3rd party tools).

  • I've just downgraded my Strava to free as well. Little option to vote with our feet if Strava is going to just ignore customer wishes on this. The explanation is so poor, and just going to annoy people, rather than placate them. 

    As others have said, anyone running is getting zero benefit from the graph now, what does it matter if it's implemented and hasn't got a wealth of research evidence to back it up (does cycling??) - it'd still be better than what we get just now.

  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I would provide a bit of better news here.  If you look around you can find a 20% discount code for Training Peaks on any level of subscription!   I thought I would provide some value to those interested in a platform that supports this feature.

    I see one of the core goals of the company (number 2 to be exact) wants it's members to be wise about training and not to burn yourself out.  

    "We Rest.

    We listen to our bodies to avoid injury and we inspire in ways other than by being number one. We don't burn ourselves out. We enjoy our recovery days because they too tell our story on Strava"

    Interesting how Fitness and Freshness tries to estimate your chronic and acute training impact along with your time of rest to make sure you don't over-train.  Yet Strava does not want to provide an estimate to assist it's running members in achieving 'balance' with the stress we put our bodies through.

    I've given this thread too much lip-service simply because I'm amazed at the lack of support for this feature.  I love the connections I make on this site and it' has many merits as an application.  


  • Completely agree with above;

    Bannisters' impuls reaction model is aimed at multisport athletes, so Strava's own explanation for the fitness graph disqualifies the answer given by Elle

    For me, this is probably the only reason to use premium, and till now it seems to be a waste of money...

  • I second Dave's info for Training Peaks. My membership expires in June and I will not be renewing. I will be joining Training Peaks. I have already transferred my last 6 months of data. Unfortunately, that isn't easy. One has to do it one activity at a time as only GPS data gets transferred with Strava's export tool. Linking Training Peaks with Garmin Connect means all future activities load automatically.

  • I've also cancelled my renewal and I'll probably swap to training peaks. In the meantime you can either check maths and write your own performance management chart or just download one here

    I'm getting the ride/run TSS from TP free version and just entering it manually. It's also a really handy planning tool. I've added swim TSS calculations and ramp rate to mine :)

  • Have you heard of a utility called tapariik? Give it a Google, it can sync between multiple platforms (i used it to transfer from endomondo to strava)

  • Hello - STRAVA please reconsider and add the running activities into the fitness / fatigue charts.  If you are concerned on the accuracy, then simply add a toggle to enable the user to calculate fitness / fatigue using biking, running, or both activities combined.  If you also add swimming you'd crush it out of the park!  I'm sure thousands of users want what I ask for, and this would sway many persons from paying for other software apps, and shift to solely using STRAVA.  Thanks

  • While that's understandable... even the TrainingPeaks sort of HR/pace renders a more accurate reading than bike only (if you're also a runner). 

    For example... I did an adventure race last weekend where the bike was only an hour, but the run was the hardest 4 miles I've ever cranked out - in the red the entire time. And yet... My fitness/fatigue has it basically as a recovery ride when really my fatigue should have shot way up. 

    And it sounds like I'm far from the only one who is frustrated at the worthlessness of it in our case....

  • Is it possible to introduce this feature separate schedule that runners use it self-sufficient?


    I Confirm what Adam says.

    For Triathlets, the Fitness and Freshness Graph leads to wrong results!

    If I Run 30km one day, Ride 150km and run again 30km after the ride thegraph considers only the second effort and suggestiones are incorrect.

    I'm not talking about a feature, but to fix a big error, beacause the graph is unusable unless incurring serious health problems!

    Furthermore it should be able to override the suffer score in the event that you perform workouts w/o pulse monitor ( in a season it can happen ) : also in this case the graph leads to results very far from reality.


  • I feel cheated. It was not possible to see that the fitness & freshness graph is only available to cyclists before signing up and paying.

  • Strava is positioned for use by cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes. In fact, we have bike application. But with the additional reduced functionality for other athletes.

    It seems that this problem is on the back burner in the department of fanatical cyclists. It may make sense to transfer the task to running part of your team.

  • If, as you write, "there are no plans to add run data to the current Fitness & Freshness feature", you should at least remove the misleading contradictory statement "This feature is currently only available to cyclists, but we hope to make it accessible to runners soon." from the Fitness description.

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